Calling yourself Home

We can easily get caught up in the chaos of the external world, for there is reason and design to the perpetual fog that seems to cloud your mind.

As when you think critically with an open heart, your freedom within truly begins to start, as you begin to take hold of your soul, a path forward begins to unfold in which no institution nor philosophy could possibly mold.

For you are an infinite star, burning brightly amid the cool sapphire sky, incarnate upon the planet Earth for a rather short time.

There are systems in place that wish to keep you asleep, while your energy is externalized and your rewards are reaped, not by yourself, but by gatekeepers in place, those whom do not have a face and rarely leave a trace, nonetheless, the world seems to be but a chessboard for these players that wish to enslave our mind, body and soul, and there is only one way to break free, by speaking the truth and daring to be bold.

As fear will keep you cold, numb and barely alive, enough to keep trudging along as life seems to pass you by.

There will be procedures, detours and anomalies that manifest suddenly, always remember the wayward compass is within you, and that the the only direction that you can count on to point truly.

As we’ve been caught up before and surely there will come a time in the future where we are caught up again, in this endless spiderweb where it pays to play pretend, but I daresay that I do seek to defend our place as the human race and I’d rather not offend, but asleep we have been for too long now, and our time of hibernation must come to an end.

For we are the free spirits collectively interwoven through this universal experience, bent on releasing our bondage to the treason that began to ensnare us long ago when we did not count the natural cycle as seasons.

For there is the present, this is our possession, any other thoughts are parasitic and eventually evolve into negative obsessions.

We have this moment and this time alone, to relinquish the shadows that cling to our shoulders and rise up once more to take the throne, the throne within, this is where we begin, to cast away the lies we told ourselves and once more accept our place as the heroes of our own journey, the opportunity to restore balance to a world at the brink.

It is all around us, certainly we must start slowly, to regain faith and trust with ourselves so that we may learn to love and accept all the reflections glaring forth infinitely.

As above and certainly so below, our worldly life burns only as brightly as our eternal soul.

So come to reason and persist with your challenges, soon there will come a time when you have arrived and you will join us, the risen, those that have accepted the call to truth, a call to arms, for it is this call that will unite us against the common enemy we have always faced, ourselves.

Please do join the call, as we are all part of the one, and there has never been a better time than the present to accept yourself and do your part in manifesting a brighter reality for us all. There is much fear in the world, do not let it penetrate you.

Be prepared for anything that may come and surround yourself with like minded tribe. Praying for your safety and well being my friends.

If you enjoyed this piece then please do share it with your family and friends as I rely on word of mouth to spread. Please follow the blog to stay updated with my work as I write rather frequently.

Sending you Light through Love,


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