Betting the Times

Betting ourselves each and every day, corresponding to a different circumstance in hopes that it will renew us vigorously.

Taking a chance and praying that it shall pay off, laying alone in a corridor under the impression that we shall continue to rot.

For there are two roads, certainly there always have been, one leads above and the other below, but both lead to the same destination, seemingly based on the perspective of thou and the perspective of I, do we differentiate the path as different, yet ultimately that is a lie.

As we are wondering what shall be in this madness, a dance through the cosmos that represents order then chaos, isn’t that rather splendid.

As though we are encapsulated within purgatory, this heaven or hell of ours is rather easy to design, in between the lines, our actions and thoughts bring this reality to life.

It is merely a gamble, one that we have all decided to partake in, this world that is perfect yet in shambles, completely full yet utterly vacant.

As it has never changed, it has always been so, never more certain yet never more unknown, the trick is that you must accept yourself within, so that the game on the outside may truly begin.

As we lose ourselves in quests, adventures, perils and fallacies, these distractions tear us away completely from what we ought to be, for there is but a single role for you and I, there was only ourselves in the beginning before we were denied.

And that, certainly must be what is tearing us apart, layer by layer and piece by piece, we dwindle more and more so that we may comprehend the beginning where we all initially start.

It is frightening yet ever so completely reinvigorating, is it not?

To say goodbye to all that you have ever known, to burn away what you’ve always known as home, to slip away ever so subtlety in the night, to no longer bide by what others deem as wrong and right, to at last decide for oneself that this is solely your life, and if you do not act swiftly within it then you may in fact tune out into the darkness before you have the opportunity to see the light.

Because we are whole and then broken, told to pick up the pieces and wander endlessly down the assembly line, to be programmed into yet another automation, cold and remorseless yet possessing a spark inside.

A spark that shall grow once more when we acknowledge that we can certainly heal our scars just as we have been torn, once we acknowledge that the fear causing us to feel scorn towards those whom we do not understand was inherent within our genetics from the day we were born.

For this reason is rhymed and timed, it is always thundering within our chest and begging us to repent from our plights, it is calling us forward so that we may begin to rectify that which for so long we have denied.

Here in the shadows we bide our time and acknowledge that in due time, all that has passed shall be revealed and allow us to once more step into the revival, the resurrection, only if we are willing to look within our hearts at last set our souls free on the outside, within this physical dimension where we have been in detention, allow yourself to no longer hide your affection.

Be at peace and soon you will see, all that has been, all that was and all that shall be, is working in harmony with the natural order of infinity.

Blessings brothers and sisters, I pray that you are well. The world seems to be shutting down, but that doesn’t mean that we have to shut down our hearts and give into the fear, on the contrary, this is the time to show our true colors, and be brave so that we may set an example for those around us. Support the blog by sharing my work with your friends and family and by liking this post, stay in tune with my ever frequent posts simply by following this blog.

Sending you Light through Love,


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