Cool Breeze

The cool breeze howls softly through the ever dwindling softly lit sky, wondering why and how the horizon seems to always evade it’s solidarity. Interwoven with the past which was merely a mask seeking to disguise the present and predict the future, there is always a detour that conjures a residual moment that could possibly evoke the wanderers imagination to destroy the mind that has become a dark creature.
For we are taming the natural elements within and without, as we are harmoniously brought to a standstill here among the serenading clouds. Reminded of the symbiotic simplicity that arises when we allow the ego to despair and embrace our innermost destiny.
Fluidly embarking upon a journey through the cosmos and beyond, here in our soul we reckon what shall be allowed, to pass through our hearts and to embrace the gold, that was hidden away within when we decided that we must obey the external world and do as we were told.
Questions forgotten and our dreams fading, dismay seeping in and the fire dwindling, here we seek to purge these common emotions that deserve to be deserted, for they no longer align with our purpose, and we must move forward rather the ponder what we have already learnt.
So amidst the darkness underneath our canopy where the only light shining forth resides within the embers within both you and me, would you care to dictate a symphony that would demonstrate your capacity for understanding your own placement within this dichotomy?

For it makes sense momentarily and then fades away ever so rapidly, just as our passion that is a very complex memory, waiting to be spawned once more so that our heart may take root, and we may  be grounded in the simple fact that we’ve experienced this present moment before and shall again ever so soon.
Rest your weary eyes and take peace of mind with at once, for you alone are capable of encountering harmony.
It lays within the deep ocean, as do the endless dreams, thoughts and possibilities.
To come to fruition or to fade away aimlessly.
We alone can answer the question that is asked ever so often by the soft cool breeze.
Praying that you are well and at peace my brothers and sisters.
Take time to go inside during this phase of our collective existence, question everything and infer your own answers, dont blindly accept that which is said as fact. If you enjoy my work, please like the post and share it among your friends and family. Stay updated by following the blog as I post frequently.
Sending you Light through Love,

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