Unified in Cohesion

The grounding of the mind and spirit in unison within the vessel, the body of a human being, is a daunting task for each and every one of us undergoing the Human experience.

Simply because they are opposites and constantly struggling against one another, one pure and natural while the other is artificial and constantly evolving to suit it’s own needs.

For we are spiritual beings within a physical domain that utilizes a mental construct to further explore our experience.

We incarnate with purpose, knowing what must be done for the collective to thrive, but as we grow our mind is morphed and subjugated by various philosophies, ideologies and perspectives, constantly shifting in an effort to understand the infinite within the finite.

Certainly this can cause confusion, chaos and breakdowns.

Currently as a collective, we are undergoing such a transformation, for the collective mindset is poisoned by events that are based upon specific ideologies and concepts of a minority that controls the flow of information outwards to the majority, therefore plunging us into uncertainty.

It is within such a time frame where we know not what to expect, that we must put forth an effort to infer fact from fiction, to isolate truth rather than take information at face value, certainly this is a time to ground and align our mental state with our spiritual essence, so that we may reach a state of balance rather than continue down a road of uncertainty.

This is the war of our lives, the struggle that we all undergo first and foremost before we may see reality with clarity, without judgement or ego, but with selfless understanding, for we are undergoing a massive transformation, one that will never leave us individually, near collectively, the same.

Just as we always have, and always will, struggled to maintain our freedoms in a world where there are those that wish to instill complete and utter control so that they may reap the finite rewards of an upside down world plagued by upheaval.

It is here and now that we must maintain composure and be responsible for our thoughts and actions before those too are renounced for the lies of safety, pleasure and thrills.

In order to maintain equilibrium, we must first understand ourselves as infinite and eternal beings, our spirit that is, that is in control ultimately of the mind and body, the mind being the center of our essence for processing the reality before, interpreting and understanding it, our body being the reactor that physically interacts within it.

When we forget this simple fact, we go about our lives unconsciously, allowing thoughts to pierce us and lead us astray, acting upon impulses physically that do us far more harm than good.

Certainly, we must also understand ourselves and our boundaries so that we do not stretch ourselves to thinly, our strengths and weaknesses, when to push forward and when to retreat so that we may live another day.

We must think of the future so that we are prepared for it, but we must not dwell upon it, for in doing so, we forget to live presently.

We must remember the past so that we learn from our own mistakes and triumphs, but we can’t allow them to correlate to the future.

Your heart is the center of your essence, it guides you intuitively whereas your mind guides you logically and methodically, placing trust in your heart, the conduit for your spirit, will allow you to make more balanced decisions rather than those solely based on your ego.

Now, more than ever before, it is important to trust yourself, your feelings and your emotions, if your instincts are asking you to back off or alter your situation, chances are there is a good chance that you should do so.

To stray back on course, the balance between the mind and spirit is of utmost importance if we wish to lead an optimal life, as the author, this is a projection of my own inward state, as balancing my mind and spirit so that I may lead a grounded life in pursuit of contributing to the greater good has always been one of my greatest difficulties, hence why I write so often, as it is medicine for myself, and allows me to actually work through my thoughts and come to a solution.

I believe we all come to balance on our own initiative, when we are called to do so, when we are conscious enough to do so and remain within that state, as it is a constant, rather, present challenge that we must in fact face.

There is no end to the ever present conflict within to be led astray from our own purpose, and we are best able to pursue and achieve that purpose when we feel at ease and within harmony.

My mind would be characterized as neurotic without a doubt, for it is constantly working, typically in many different directions, while my spirit attempts to ground each new route taken so that I may come to a middle path and focus my energy on what is at hand.

The greatest tools for myself may in fact be of no use to another in the struggle to balance myself in totality.

However, what I have found above all else is that structure, meditation, sobriety and passion allow me to access myself in order, rather than in chaos.

Structure, understanding what I am doing each moment of the day allows me to focus on the task at hand, whereas I would otherwise be led astray, as I have been multiple times during the writing of this article.

Meditation, allowed me to calm my mind and access my heart and understand what I would furthermore write about, focusing on my breath, which is the essence of my life, allows me to stop time and focus on what matters most.

Sobriety, considering I have an incredibly addictive personality, allows me to challenge myself to truly be myself rather than rely upon numbing or altering agents to feel at ease.

Passion, focusing on my gifts and greatest callings, allow me to understand why I am that I am and why I pursue what I do.

Passion allows me to tap into Love, it allows me to express myself and show love to myself and others through my own art.

These four paths allow me to ground within my heart, align my mind and soul, and be the best version of myself that I can be.

Ultimately, the best thing we can do is be true to ourselves and loving whom we are and always have been.

Friends, have a safe journey in the present. Thank you for reading this piece. If you enjoyed it, like and share. If you wish to stay updated, follow the blog.

Sending you Love through Light,


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