The Objective, We are

You cannot rely on skill alone, you yourself must harness the will within in order to truly become the present objective.

If we rely on the externalization of the subject at hand, then we become lost in it, rather than at solace within it.

Be not in a rush to become the future, still yourself in that which is at hand so that you may truly grasp the information flowing through you.

Be rather than see that which must be done, for everything outside is a product of that which was once within, the only way you can feel and in turn become the subject at hand is by allowing it to enter you, rather than entering it.

There is an essence interacting with the spirit, be charged by such rather than depleted, with an open and empty mind you must venture further so that you may understand, if you are closed and believe that you are in control, then you will continue wandering without having interwoven yourself with a vital tool that would have enabled you to further your evolution within this uncertain land.

For we believe that we are and in turn we become, but that is only if we are the hand flawlessly flowing rather than the thumb attempting to discern what shall be grasped.

For that which lays outwards must be accepted within so that you stand a true chance.

The matter will always alter so you must place your trust, that you are flowing towards a resolution that will eventually blossom with rewards rather than turn to dust.

The outside world will attempt to display extravagant distractions in which you will be faced many times with revolting pleasure and immense lust, the choice you must project with affect your mission alongside the rest of us.

So stalwartly hold your attention and for the time being forgo your utmost affection for we must meet the shadow within the reflection that will allow us to no longer neglect the direction in which we are destined.

For the time has come where we are no longer capable of biding our time in occulation, the full cycle is turning and we must look within in order to harness our finite momentum.

Become, you must be and then come towards that which you always have been, everything within the universe will be understood if you simply take it in.

Choose wisely and always with better judgement, for if you allow yourself to be altered unconsciously then the world will pass you and you will have done nothing with it.

Sending you Light through Love,


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