Reddens Veritas

The self, the inner circle in which we truly reside, is neglected more often than not in a world that focuses solely on the material.

The mission, the purpose for incarnation within this current time frame within the universe too is forgotten when one focuses inwardly and forgoes the tribulations of the outer world, believing it to be merely a fallacy projected by the soul.

The two extremes found within a world of duality, seek to be balanced by us more than ever before, for we seek to remember and in turn we seek to take action, what we are striving towards is known and unknown, it is a variable that can only be grasped when the seeker, those that look within and then look without, can attain.

Our focus is built moment by moment in the present, it is through discipline and structured channeling of oneself that they may attain a truth that they then seek to divulge, it cannot be pressed forth unto others, the truth must be accepted, it cannot be demanded, for every action requires a reaction, thus, it must simply flow.

The fluidity that arises from one who knows themselves and their purpose then becomes a narrative, a story that is not resisted, it is simply told, from the seat of the soul, the self, delivered from the vessel, the vehicle for creation, into the external world.

The story can be put down, a chapter can be flagged and then later picked up if one chooses to do so, but only the author, the individual who tailored the journey they are henceforth embarking upon, can decide whether or not the story shall be finished.

As a collective, we have inherited the human story, one that is natural and all encompassing but fleeting more often than not in a world that is ravaged by extremity, unconsciousness, instant gratification which all lead to the numbing forgetfulness that so many souls experience in this day and age.

The extremity which seeks to be balanced, the unconsciousness that seeks to awaken and in turn, know thyself in order to know others, the instant gratification that evolves, if willing, into patience and understanding, the loss of identity that leads us to forget that which we are, eternal and infinite beings, within a grand story, known as the Human species.

The trinity that makes up the Human Being, the mind, the body and the spirit, must be nurtured, harnessed and explored if one is to truly do their part in awakening us all so that we may in turn take our rightful place as co creators of creation.

For we cannot create a world if we are caught up within it to the point where we no longer acknowledge the deeper meaning of life itself, nor can we dream a world into existence if we are asleep and merely believing it into existence.

Waking and dreaming, the two states that coincide within existence, one can believe them to be separate and therefore limit themselves and those around them as a result in denied faith and potential, one can on the opposite train of thought in turn, see them as one in the same, and harness both into manifesting a reality that is far greater than they conceived possible.

The limitations are those we accept and in turn set forth for ourselves, limitless is a state just as limited is, to leap bounds or to dwindle further, as always, the choice is yours.

Thank you my brothers and sisters, take charge of what you choose to ingest mentally, physically and certainly spiritually. You are your own master.

Sending you Light through Love,


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