Decide or Denied

It is difficult, strenuous and certainly painful to look beyond the veil of our reality, and acknowledge it as a present moment in choice that shall most certainly dictate the future.

We have glimpses of awareness beyond the veil at times where we see that what is before us is but an illusion, one designed to keep us from searching, one designed to keep us locked in our physical senses, one amplified to keep us from empathetic ally connecting with one another and developing a solution to the problems that we face as a species, as a collective, truly as a family.

We have forgotten much of who and what we are, what we are meant to do, and in exchange we have been given numbing amnesia and false promises, yet the truth has and always set you free, and it is time that we begin to start looking inwards for our outwards dilemmas.

We have become a species that accepts fiction as fact and fact as fiction, we have allowed ourselves to be programmed by screens that claim to be espousing the truth, we have separated ourselves as a species more than ever before, despite the fact that the planet has never in known history supported such a large number of humans.

Indeed, we have given our freedoms away in exchange for comfort, we no longer know what we are living for, many of us simply follow the instruction manual given to us by the collective unconscious, “education” which is essentially indoctrination, as individuals are not taught to critically think for themselves in this day and age, they are simply made to absorb information and procedures and replicate them as though they didn’t possess intelligence.

Afterwards, become employed or become an employer and give your vital essence towards the society that brought you upon this stage so that you may survive and help others do so in turn.

Then, fall in love and start a family, focus on your profession, business and what not, advance through the materialist hierarchy in which you develop stronger financial means slowly but surely, never quite getting ahead unless you pour yourself into your work substantially and eventually, die.

You may live a beautiful and peaceful life by following the above, however, by following the status quo, and by having so many human beings doing so, we have been led to the situation currently facing our species today.

Not only have we forgotten that we are infinite eternal beings simply experiencing humanity for a finite period of time, but we have forgotten our purpose, we have forgotten that we are directly interwoven into the circle of life, the natural order that entangles the Universe, we have given up our dharma, forgetting that karma, what goes around in facts comes around and certainly, we have allowed a small minority of Humanity that possesses no regard for us as a collective to plunder our beautiful earth of her resources, sabotage the harmony between all forms of life and enslave our consciousness to a very large degree.

The time, more than ever before, is a call to action, critical thinking, unity, understanding, resistance and a call for true change in the form of coming together as a species, embracing our differences as strengths, rectifying the wrongs we have committed, holding ourselves accountable and responsible and ultimately, healing ourselves and healing the beautiful planet that we call home.

Nietzsche writes of slave and master morality, claiming that slaves are weak and despise masters for being strong and capable of ruling.

The master appreciates truth, virtue, substances of benefit and action whereas the slave has a victim mentality and works to overthrow the master in silent disdain, claiming that the master works to oppress where as the slave works to free.

In my personal opinion however, we are both the master and slave, based on one’s circumstances and perspective, you become the product of your own thoughts.

If we believe ourselves to be under the hand of tyranny and incapable of altering our situation, then certainly we are a slave.

If we believe ourselves to be strong, capable and free, then certainly we are a master. The master and the slave exist within each and every one of us.

We can awaken to our possibility, our potential and our strengths and become the master of our own existence, unwilling to accept “fate” as our be all, end all.

We can also put the blame of our existence, suffering and hardships upon the backs of others and claim the victim identity and seek to overthrow our “oppressors”, ultimately becoming the oppressors we sought to overcome eventually.

In this lifetime, we must be neither, we must choose to accept self mastery in pursuit of our infinite potential as the way forward, becoming in control of our lives, actions and thoughts, we must also emphasize, teach and empower those whom believe they are incapable of doing so themselves with the knowledge that each and every human being is the key and the lock, they can either choose to move evolve or they can choose to remain stagnant and weighed down by negative emotions.

We are in a period of time upon planet Earth that will dictate the future of generations to come, as we always have been, however, the time has never been more pressing than now to truly step into our own power and demand change, as the path we have been following for so long cannot continue, and if it does, it will result in self annihilation, not of our physical essence, no, the human species will continue, but of our freedom, our consciousness as a source of purity and evolution, and of our choice to decide what who we are and what we will become, rather than allowing others to do so for them.

This is a time of change, and if we do not choose how we change for ourselves, we will allow the change that has been dictated to flow through our lives ourselves, and lose control.

Take control, be your own master, find peace within. More pieces of this variety will be released brothers and sisters. If you enjoyed this piece, please share it among your friends and family. Follow the blog to stay up to date with my work.

Sending you Light through Love,


4 thoughts on “Decide or Denied

  1. An enchanting, stirring, moving and intriguing piece!


    1. Also, that picture! Wow. Did you paint that? Wonder who the artist is…


      1. I did not paint that. I found it beautiful beyond comprehension myself. I stumbled upon it over google, the painters name was not stated. Whoever did it however is gifted beyond measure and I wish to see more of their work myself.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, you certainly have an eye for enchanting art! Thanks for sharing.


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