Truth in an age of Deceit

There comes a time in every Human Beings life when they are challenged and questioned, ultimately evoked with the ultimatum, “what do you stand for?”.

It is within this finality that we must invoke the truth of who we are and what our inherent purpose is, do we know it, have we been aligned within it, are we choosing our destiny, are we practicing self mastery, or on the contrary, are we merely floating along throughout this experience, unconsciously and uncertain.

The answer must be certain and without hesitation, for in answering this, you answer who you are, why you are here, and what you intend to do within this breath of the Universe.

For it must be developed, formulated, thought through and above all, lived, for what you stand for in turn is also what you happen to give.

Give to yourself and give to all others, the gift that is interwoven into your very essence is a mystery that you alone can uncover.

It is eternal and infinite, your ancient and young spirit, but within this vessel of flesh and blood, the hourglass seeps forth more and more each day, the demise that is fate is the only certainty and so there is no reason to fear it.

For in fearing the day that you shall untimely fade away you prevent yourself from living to the fullest and harmonizing with so many others, each and every single day.

For we are not actors, so then why do we in fact fill the roles that were designed to lead us astray, when through the strength and virtue and the courage to embrace truth, we can bring light into the darkness of this frailty we have become, indefinitely.

These choices are many but certainly they are also few and in the end they will manifest what you have striven, suffered and lived through, was it worthwhile or all the more dismissive, look to the sky and see that it is true.

For what we stand for is indescribable as a collective, yet individually it is certainly possible to explain this truth, for I stand for truth, that which is free infinitely, I stand for love, I stand for me and you.

In this simple statement I absolve all bonds that tied me to denial, all bonds that invoked fear, all bonds that forced me on trial.

For if a man and a woman do no harm but seek to uncover, why would others seek to put them 6 feet under? It is simple, just as the natural world is and should be.

Unfortunately there are many within this dimension who vibrate within pain and disharmony and seek to project and most certainly infect our consciousness to the point where we are no longer able to critically infer and receive, the facts that shall make us all the more wiser from the fiction that seeks to render us incapable of admitting the fact that we alone allow ourselves to be deceived.

Battered and broken, we state due to the course of life, however if we look with clarity towards the answer then we shall be met with such, rather than fabricating yet another plight.

For it is all about the lessons that we acknowledge or postpone, for we can accept the fact that we are creating a reality based on a concept of totality or duality, perceiving ourselves as the victim or as the savior, if we do not take responsibility for our lives and demand an answer to the all standing question, then we shall continue blindly dancing amid the universal amphitheater.

Or we can be at once direct and take affect rather than neglect, the truth within each and every single human being that together, only if we stand together, can alter the course of the concept of history forever more, so that future generations can remember what it means to live in integrity and freedom, rather than an unsuspecting mystery where they must alone discover that they are both the detective and suspect.

For once we acknowledge that all the power that ever was or ever will be is within our grasp, we no longer rely on external forces to fill the void within our heart and soul that we always believe shall come to pass.

It shall not, not it will not, until we at last take the chance, to stand up for we what believe in, rather than hoping the storm shall simply pass.

Brothers and sisters we are living in a critical time. We are no longer thinking critically and coming to conclusions on our own accord.

We are believing the messages we hear without a second thought and allow our freedoms and truths to be infringed upon at an ever increasing rate.

We must acknowledge that we are our own greatest ally in these times as conscious and responsible Human Beings, or we are our own greatest enemy who wishes not to see the truth and bear the weight of our own power. Choose what you will, our lives are in our hands.

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Sending you Light through Love,


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