Sudden formulations

There will always be two sides to the coin of our existence, two sides to the individual, infinite and incalculable sides to the possibilities within humanity.
We are the foundation, collectively developing a formulation that shall expand upon and delegate our overall situation.
We are either positive or we are negative, attracting the corresponding vibration.
The perspective unravelling varies greatly, it is the lens in which we greet the horizon.
For there is information that is fact and fiction, what we accept within our heart is of our own vindication. Following the road blindly, we lose track of the course that leads to salvation or damnation, alas one and the same, based on our own bias.
There is a call in my soul, one that has me numb to the bone and hollow to the core, at other times, it sets me on fire with vigour that could sustain even the most dreary and forlorn.
It is the truth within, one that shall set me free, a plea to accept the journey which shall set me on course with the concept of destiny. Low and behold, it is what I need.
Through turbulence and negligence, it is the solemn whisper among the trees. The cool breeze that sets me on track and the burning passion that awakens me from a deep slumber which does not allow me to relax.
Certainly, it is awakening at long last to decide to once more accept the inner duty and release your colorful beauty, rather than settle for a reality that is merely white and black.
For within history there are many mysteries that within this rapid day and age we choose to forget.
They remind us of our infinite strength, bountiful wisdom and untold courage, where as in the age we are merely reminded of our fragility and inability to be ourselves and offer others, mere reflections in the mirror, love and respect.
Yet if we hold back any longer than there will come a day when we no longer have the opportunity to inspect our inner soul, voided out with neglect.
So if you choose to follow one path or the other, make sure it is of your own concious intent.
For we are here for the moment, a mere spec of dust blowing in the astral wind.
Many times we have ventured forth before, and many times we shall gather in hope that we may one day ascend.
Beyond reason, emotion, uncertainty and all within the spectrum.
Until we recognize that we alone hold the answer to our own question, the way we follow has yet to begin.
In these times of isolation, look within, something we all must do much more often. Stay safe but do not live in fear.
Sending you Light through Love,Brandon

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