The acting soul first thinks

The mental and the physical are separated into two different processes that for many have merged unconciously into their being.
The mental process of thinking and the physically process of action.
Thinking involves one processing and organizing the information that is available to them and in turn formulating a thought that is applicable to them as an individual, the thought once processed and made sense of is in turn in alignment with the individual as a whole and, if generated without bias, would in turn be applicable to the collective that is open and concious of the process that has been created.
The thought if whole, can be transmitted by the thinker and recieved by the intended recipient to further expand upon the thought.
The thought is formed by observation, as noted by Rudolph Steiner in his work, the philosophy of freedom.
For one must first observe their thoughts consciously and determine if they are fluid and reasonable.
If one does not observe there thoughts and disseminate fact from fiction, then they are unconciously espousing that which they themselves do not understand.
When a thought has been understood and processed consciously, it can then traverse the mental into the physical through the physical process of action. The physical process involves communication and an open mind, for it is here that the thought will be transmitted to paper, which is the easy way, or, through another Human Being, who will be open to debate and critique of the thought if they themselves have developed a concious thought that may not align with what the original thinker has formulated.
As each Human Being is a unique specimen upon the evolutionary scale (our strengths and weaknesses lay in different areas dependent upon our own state of wayward evolution) the probability of an explanation is always high, in this case the original thinker must understand their own thought consciously enough to expand upon it deeply to the reciever.
Here too, once properly transmitted, it is the responsibility now of the reciever to in turn become the thinker as well, for it is merely robotic to accept the information presented as fact, as we must then personally understand the idea and see it as reasonable so that the original thinker has basis for further expanding upon it.
We are living in an age where ideas and concepts are unconciously transmitted and unconciously accepted, just as we always have, however on a grander scale than ever before due to the fact that information is being transmitted at a constant frequency to all around the globe thanks to the advent of the internet.
Here and now, rather than merely accepting, we should be contemplating and discussing.
For the times before us will wish to have us accept and follow blindly rather than question critically and infer on our own accord.
Coming to our own thoughts and conclusions is what the free human being has and always will do, if we accept statements without question then certainly we are little more than automatons and do not deserve the freedom that throughout time humanity has sought to achieve and retain.
For it seems that more than ever before that conformity is the most commonplace state of mind, for there is comfort in being mentally numb, until it is too late and we realize that we have in fact been following down an assembly line leading to a cold and mechanical plant of assimilation, when in fact our souls had been crying out for us to step off and seek refuge in the beauty of natural creation so that we may determine why is fact we had been aimlessly wandering to begin with.
In finality, the totality of the thinker and doer lies within the unique domain of one’s soul, where all else arises and always has.
For the soul is the source of the individual that invites the connection to the collective.
It is where the single chord joins the symphony, it is where the spirit is invited to join the universe.
Here, when we are in alignment with whom we are, we are capable of observing the beauty and infinite capacity of ourselves and in turn developing that sense into ideas and concepts that can be made manifest and further expanded upon by the circle of life, by others who too are concious of themselves and capable of comprehending and creating.
Truly, the soul must be acknowledged, the mind must be observed, the thought must be acutely formulated and the action of transmitting the idea must be made manifest through the subtle art of communication.
Allow yourself to be drawn inwards so that you may water your very essence and blossom into the innate and wondrous portion of creation that you are and always have been.
To know thyself is to know the whole universe.
All the power thatw ever was or ever will be is here now.
Acknowledge this and allow yourself to be free.

I pray that you are well. Take the time to blossom. Allow your truth to be made manifest and in this world, take everything with a grain of salt.
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Sending you Light through Love,

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