Your way

Whatever it may be, you must delve deeply into it without hesitation.

For in our society individuals are set to be maimed, deconstructed and cast aside in place of the collective, never recognizing their dreams, aspirations and full potential.

Only through concentration and a deeper sense of meaning will one be able to break through the prison cell that we ourselves conformed to initially.

There will always be distractions and reasons for one not to fully pursue their hearts desire.

There will be suffering and pain, there will be loss and heartbreak, but in the end, there will be freedom and the conscious acknowledgement that you did everything within the power deeply seated in you to live your life to the fullest, actualizing your potential despite the circumstances you were dealt and fully immersing yourself in what it means to be a human.

And what does it mean, certainly it means that we may choose; we may choose to give in, we may choose to loose, we may choose to fade away or be brought to bondage, or we may choose to at last scream in defiance and sprint away from that which deemed our captor.

This may sound incomprehensible to some or it may ignite a fire within in others but the simplicity in acknowledging that if we ourselves do not take charge at this moment in time as an individual and begin to develop ourselves towards that which we are truly and naturally equipped to achieve then we are not able to assist in the healing, rejuvenation and ultimate balancing of our planet and species as a collective.

We are on the brink, the brink of change, immense change that will alter the course of Human history indefinitely, this is the time where we have the opportunity to at last begin to write our own story, or allow those with knowledge and a deeper understanding of existence and consciousness to continue to merely add you as a character within their own.

Here, we must acknowledge and align with whom we truly are deep down, not the roles and objectives we’ve led ourselves to believe that we wholeheartedly represent.

There is a reason that throughout time Humans have left society in search of bliss while others have dominated society through power, which are both extreme ends of the spectrum, we can be caught up in the games that both sides project, searching for peace and equilibrium and unaware of the world unfolding around us or merely searching for power through the pursuit of accumulation of wealth, unaware that it will not allot you peace or bliss in the end.

The time now is to go inside and equalize yourself as a Human Being.

Hold those you love close, tell them you are changing and altering your own story and wish to see them do the same so that you may develop unity and harmony together.

Tell your friends that you are in following your own path, the middle road, and that you can no longer vibrate with them merely for the sake of social comfort, for it is not allowing you to move forward and clearly not allowing them the space they need to learn their own lessons.

Evolve yourself. Our society as a collective is beginning to crumble.

We must realize that we need one another and can only move forward in unity.

Governments, nations, war, ideologies, philosophies, these have been tearing us apart for millennium upon millennium.

We’ve lost touch with the true masculine and feminine within each and every Human, and in place, we have given birth to a distorted and unaware ghost that claws at the universal energy that we embody.

This is no one’s fault.

We were always meant to realize that change can only be enacted at the last minute.

Those that are creating the world before us, manipulating the masses and disregarding the universal laws of nature, truly know not what they are doing, for they themselves are being controlled by the darkness, a force that takes, and takes, and is never satisfied.

Yet we must birth the light within ourselves, become conscious of our situation, become conscious of our gifts, acknowledge that we are infinite and eternal beings merely experiencing a fragment of the due course of the universe, and once more take back the balance and shift towards a higher and more vibrant evolutionary state.

It is possible and it is happening, but, as always, it is most certainly a choice!

You and Eye, they and them, he and she, every single one of us must acknowledge that we in fact have a choice and can remain stagnant, numb and unconscious no longer, for if we let the world spiral into the darkness then our children and our children’s children, generation upon generation of souls will be tasked to repair and fix the damage that we ourselves can reverse now.

We can live in heaven, or we can live in hell, this is an allegory that must be dissected and understood.

For we are inter dimensional beings , coming from the womb into the tomb in such a brief moment.

Our pain and our suffering, based upon the law of karma, our dharma, which must be paid in experience, and it has been, has it not?

Think of what we as a species have put ourselves through, our beautiful Earth through, the animals and the insects, the plants and the stones, the knowledge we have attained which is a remedy, has been transmuted into poison on a grand scale, and while many of us hold space and work to heal the lands and collective trauma that is deeply seated within each and every one of us, we must now come together if we truly wish to change the course that this fool’s ship is on.

We must respect and remember the ways of our ancestors, we must reject the tyranny and fear that the imperialists and governments are projecting towards us, we must take back what is rightfully ours, our planet and our love, and once more live in unity.

For we are living in Hell, but we are rising into Heaven, if we choose to do so.

Only if we put in the conscious energy to alter and awaken one by one will we be able to confront our own shadows and realize that all along, there was no reason to fear the dark.

We can create a new beginning, we have before, and we shall again.

The light always shines through after a long dark night of the soul has gripped us, and we have been gripped for far too long now, we must come together, but in order to do so, the individuals first must come together.

The individuals must heal and be at peace and equilibrium internally if we wish to begin the external work, and that is your duty, that is your responsibility, to awaken, heal your wounds and forgive your aggressors, denounce the lies and embrace your own truth, only then, can we join together and step once more into the light.

The light of acceptance, peace, and love, the light that will shine the way towards our steadfast evolution, the light of the sun and the light of the moon, two aspects that shine in the darkness bravely and will not dim anytime soon, for time is relative solely to the present, our bodies may age and our minds may begin to falter but our essence is infinite.

So come now, accept your eternal place among the dance of time for it is no disgrace to be whom you are and always have been, a brave and eternal soul who shall coincide with the collective healing and new creation.

Our time is limited, our choices are our own, we must accept and see at last that we are merely flesh and bones. So take up the banner of Humanity and begin to come home, for home is wherever you are and you need not continue to roam.

Peace and safety to you my brothers and sisters in these interesting times, I pray that you awaken to your eternal strength and courage that resides inside. We are in this together, I pray you see this, for in the end we will regret it on the other side if we do not take up an initiative to bear witness to the fallacies of our previous ways and bear responsibility to alter the present so that our future resides in harmony. That flowed through me rather emotionally, I can imagine many of you feel the same, as these are the words of us, merely portrayed in a singular way. If you enjoyed this piece and believe it should reach more people then please do share it with your tribe and family. Follow the blog to stay updated with my work as I write rather frequently.

Sending you Light through Love,


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