Soaring if you Will

There are two types of people, those inside the box of reality and those that are willing to wander outside of it; the known and the unknown.

Those that are willing to embrace the miraculous mystery that is Human life and those that shy away from it, preferring the safety and comfort of the known 5 senses that have been hammered into us as all there is to existence since we’ve been born, at least for most modern western societies.

The simple fact that we are merely energy, that which cannot be created nor destroyed, enveloped in a physical vessel that is malleable beyond measure (you can train your body to accomplish feats of incomprehensible skills) and gifted with a mind of reason and madness, capable of absorbing the information that we perceive through our senses and expanding upon it indefinitely, as the more you know, the less you know, and transcending the physical into the metaphysical, where the spirit lays, where we truly lay.

As we are infinite spirits wrapped in this dimensional reality, a fact that we forget ever so often, our options are truly limitless.

Unless of course we fall victim to a society and control system that seeks to enslave the senses and harness the individual spirit in order to drain it of it’s vital life source, also known as chi, qi, orgone, universal energy, your consciousness itself, is being harnessed by others if you yourself are not tapping into it directly and applying it towards your own purpose.

You give away your vital essence by giving into negative emotions and seeing yourself as a victim of the situation laid out before, not in control of your state and therefore relying upon an external source to aid you in feeling optimal once again.

The simple matter of the fact is that you are a product of all that is incarnate, the universe, source, creator, God, call it what you will, made you perfectly imperfect, you possess all the knowledge and wisdom within your DNA of your ancestors and all those that came before, and times have never been easy upon this plane of existence, in fact, it is within difficult times that strong and powerful individuals, tribes and nations arise, the latter being the most important, as it is strong individuals and strong families that collectively glue the society that we are within together.

Rather than give into the negativity that is incredibly prevalent within the external world, allow yourself to tune into the internal world and begin to actualize your inherent and divine gifts, therefore offering a positive force (push) to counteract the negative force (pull) that is warping our society into recklessness and carelessness.

Yes in fact, we must rely upon ourselves and take responsibility for our future, so that we may control the outcome, the end resulting in an evolution of the individual with enhanced skills and knowledge so that they may apply themselves to create a more positive future.

For if we do not direct our own vessel then it shall be steered alongside the armada that unconsciously takes in information that they have not generated on their own initiative, more so, it was created by others who could very well be in pursuit of an agenda that disregards you and your loved one’s well being.

Simply put, stay away from those who believe they are in the know simply because they have heard or read bits and pieces of information, come to your own conclusions, do the research and take the time to disseminate fact from fiction so that you know in the end you did everything you could to determine the truth.

Growing is not easy, many choose to avoid is, which is why we have a more unconscious than conscious collective that no longer acknowledges who and what they are and what exactly they are capable of, and you most certainly are an eternal and infinite spirit, experiencing another Human life time, and you most certainly are capable of accomplishing anything you put your mind to.

This brings up another issue. We are a wounded and traumatized society.

Without a doubt, people no longer consider healing and integrating their past so that it does not affect their future a viable part of life any longer, we forget that band aids really do not work, we are of the Human trinity, the mind, body and spirit and we are emotional beings (Energy in Motion!) that are constantly taking in information, this information must be absorbed, collected, analyzed, processed and released.

Otherwise the energy becomes stagnant within us and all sorts of issues arise, as it is not flowing therefore it is creating a blockage, health issues of the mind and body arise (and considering we are the most “technologically” advanced species in “recorded” history, we also happen to be the sickest and most disconnected!) and we no longer recognize ourselves as spiritual beings, we become merely of the physical realm, which is why we struggle connecting with one another (regardless of the fact that we are all energy, energy comes from the same source, what we refer to as God, which is why so many people say, we are all one, because we are, just different pieces to the same puzzle) as well as with our beautiful Earth.

We are all interconnected with the Earth and the cosmos, which is why when we forget our natural place within the cosmos with forget the beauty that is the mystery of infinity and believe ourselves to be wandering about merely carrying this sac of flesh from one day to the next, we also forget that when the Earth is sick and neglected, we too are sick and neglected.

For the Earth provides us with all we have ever required, nothing is without meaning, everything has a purpose upon this planet and it is our duty to discover our own so that we may make meaning of consciously of all else.

We discover purpose when we are fueled by purpose.

We wish to learn when we already understand. We know what we want when we are whole, we know not when we are fragmented.

We will discuss healing further, so that we may come to be whole together.

For this life we begin whole, but then through experience we lose pieces of ourselves, and in turn we must rediscover these fragments, discover the source of their loss (which is trauma, as it is painful to lose a piece of yourself, and release and heal the source of the wound so that we may once more operate whole).

There is no reason to be afraid, for we are the only active force inviting the forces of fear in.

Stay centered and stay grounded, we as a species have always been riding the wave of the collective, the time is now to steer ourselves away from the storm and into calm waters, this comes from understanding our situation and taking the initiative and responsibility to once more make it right. Break free of yourself so that you may truly be yourself, you are not confined unless you choose to be so from a holistic point of view.

The magick of life is all around us, join in on the mystery and reclaim your truth, you alone can discover yourself and gift us with the power that you alone possess.

It is selfless to heal and once more be whole so that you may be of true service to the collective.

It is selfish to remain wounded believing that there is no way for you to reclaim the person you truly are. Yin and Yang, step from the darkness into the light.

Blessing upon you brothers and sisters in these wonderful and strange times. It is truly a gift for those that can go within and rediscover themselves, it is painful for those that are not willing, we as a collective, are changing, as we always have and always will, for it is the only constant, be conscious of your change and in control of your direction. Please share this piece among your friends and family if you enjoyed it and wish to send them some positive and motivational words, follow the blog to stay in tune with my work.

Sending you Light through Love,


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