Cosmos Calling

A new territory to explore is what must be implored if one is willing to truly test their human experience and willingly embrace their full potential. Life itself is certainly a mystery, it is not methodical nor reliable, unless that is the singular moment inherent in the individual, if that is the case, it shall be so.
Alas, with all the accumulated knowledge we possess as a species, we have forgotten whom we are and what we are capable of, the possibilities are endless, unless you allow your environment and the characters within it to persuade you otherwise.
Yes the external will always affect the internal and certainly the internal will always affect the external, which is why one must express control over their totality and through free will, move forward with purpose towards their current destination.
The destination is the goal.
The goal is whatever you make it. However, in order to discover what you seek, you must first get lost in the chaos of that which is our reality, so that order may arise.
For you can only see the truth when you have known lies. You can only map out the direction you are moving towards when you have indeed mapped out the area.
You can only state what you know when you are positive of what it is that you do not know.
Quite frankly, the more you know, the less you know.
Any intelligent individual will gladly tell you that they are in fact ignorant, any ignorant individual will in fact claim to be intelligent.
So in fact if you embrace the beauty within the destruction, the duality that encompasses the totality, then you will gladly wander in wonder throughout this experience until you stumble upon the philosophers stone of your own choosing.
At last transmuting the dull and dire existence that you once led into the most exquisite journey that never ceases to amaze.
For life is meant to be colorful, never grey. It is meant to be made of gold, never of lead.
It is meant to always be completely and utterly embraced with open arms, not with uncertainty and disdain.
If you know not what you are seeking then you may very well be on the right path.
If you claim to know what you seek but you haven’t explored your own inner labyrinth deeply enough to determine that the goal may in fact be the dream of another, then you may conflict with emptiness.
This path we walk is ours alone, and that is the beauty of it, for it is a mystery and it is ours to discover.
We are here to discover ourselves, only when we have done so can we truly traverse one another and discover that the beauty of existence is certainly infinite.
For that is the notion, that we are made of all that is and all that ever will be, all our dreams and riddles, myths and legends, stories and heresies are in fact interwoven into our reality.
Some fact and some fiction, much in this world is hidden and that should certainly cause great friction.
For we are not automatons built to mechanically wander down an assembly line, we are the essence of both death and life, we are indeed a mystery, and if that feels wrong then you should know that it is most certainly right.
For the further we go, the more is should show, that we are here to reimagine, redefine, remember once more, shed the negative aspects and at last evolve and grow.
For the darkness is merely light’s opposite, that shall eventually real and show, that we had nothing to fear but ourselves all along, so take this moment to meditate and know, that we have this chance and this gift to at last insist, that we take responsibility for what we may have missed.
So join the coming times, if you don’t feel a lingering sensation then I bid you to inspect, the inner voice calling from within, with all due respect.
As here we will face our fears and at last be direct, with who we have been and who we shall be, let’s take our collective to the next step.
It starts with one if it is to begin altering all, do your part indeed, think critically and grow deeply, there is no time for us to remain small.

Do your part in a great restart. If you enjoyed this piece, share it, as word of mouth spreads this work. Follow the blog to stay in tune.

Sending you light through love,

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