The Ebony Wave

There were many times in my life that I attempted to avoid what my intuition was screaming within, for my soul has always been preparing, for what exactly, well, for this life.
I’ve been unconcious and then concious, up and down, unstable in my emotions for they lead me to deep areas of my psyche that caused me great anguish.
This has prevented me from expressing myself and the belief system that I adhere to, for it is a truth that is my own, one that has been bubbling below the surface for a great many years, it reveals to me my shadows, and it is time that I face them, for if not now, then opportunity will slip away from me.
We live in the most critical times of the 21st century, in my personal opinion, and our lives have been building up to this moment.
For this is the moment that chess masters from behind the shadows are making critical moves to ensure their own monopoly of control over planet Earth, and I, as well as many others, do not agree with the end game of this force, therefore we form an opposition within this game.
There are powers that seek to control the ebb and flow of human conciousness, knowledge, wealth and above all, happiness.
Our consciousness has been conflicted, we forget whom we are (infinite spirit that incarnated with a purpose to fulfill, whatever that purpose is, it should evolve us as spiritual beings so that we are more whole, this life should not fragment or break us) and begin to question if there is any meaning to existence what so ever.
Knowledge has been contained, for despite the fact that we have an abundance of information available to us at any given moment, we rarely tap into it and certainly for the majority, we take it for granted, believe fiction as fact and fact as fiction, our critical thinking has dissipated to a large degree and we are prone to believe anything within the mainstream as truth (despite the fact that it is owned and operated by a handful of entities that are headed by groups and individuals with their own purpose, just like you, they pursue an agenda, but on a far grander scale).
Wealth is distributed blatantly unfairly, the 0.0001 of the planet happen to hold 90% of the worlds resources, as they have been able to accumulate monopolies within the various industries through subterfuge and deception, the funny thing is, the majority look up to the wealthy and despite the poor and homeless, mainly because they are envious of the powerful and because of humans greedy nature, wish that they too could possess such power and they fear the poor, because they know deep down that they could end up just like them if they don’t adhere to the rules.
Our happiness is constantly under assault as Human Beings, stress and uncertainty is at an all time high, people find joy in losing themselves and primal pleasures so that they may forget their pain, hedonism is what people seek when they forget themselves as eternal and in control of their own destiny, therefore they wish to lose control.
In essence, we must acknowledge ourselves as concious human beings and maintain the state of fluid consciousness through discipline and constant evolution.
We must critically infer fact from fiction and through direct experience accumulate knowledge for ourselves so that we know it to be true, rather than a belief or perspective.
We must take back control of our resources, for money is merely currency, and as so many have said before, you cant eat money, what matters is clean air, clean water, a clean Earth, clean plants and animals, clean life in essence.
Lastly, we must be in control of our emotions so that we can maintain a equalized state of being (keeping ourselves positive while being aware of the negative), we must not allow in external influences, we must hold our space, we must honor ourselves and stay true to our own evolution.
Right now the world is in a transition, the age of aquarius echoes the end of church, government and establishment and binds them all together into a single entity ruled by an elite.
Technology and A.I is this elites greatest ally, for the minority cannot control the majority if their motives were to be discovered.
This motive is complete and utter control and dominance.
Technology would allow the tracking of all resources, areas and humans upon the planet and would enable seamless response and communication to all opposition that does not adhere to the “rules and regulations” of this new status quo.
You give away your freedom if you accept what is coming, we take back our freedom by rejecting what is to be proposed, that is, being placed within a cage.
The elite of this planet (royal and political bloodlines) and their technocrats (gates, musk, Bezos etc.) have been formulating this control scheme for a very long time, we have the opportunity now to resist, just as we have always had the opportunity to resist.
We resist by peacefully and through not adhering to the fallacies of lies being pushed through static. Ultimately, this is a time to go inwards, to discover what must be done, the deeper I go the more dots I am connecting.
I would never ask any one to believe me unless they understand the underlying message, for we must come to our own belief systems.
I am awakening to a world that has been under construction for a very long time, and it is out of touch with nature and the individual immensely.
Of course, history repeats itself, what shall be shall be no matter what.
There is no stopping what shall come, but we can be aware of it, and change ourselves, so that we are not a part of it blindly.
We are only in control of ourselves, everything outside is another variable, just as we ourselves are a variable.
All I can say my brothers and sisters is that if you were not awakening to yourself and what you can contribute to opposing the grand madness that is sweeping the world, then the time is now, to awaken within a dream.
For many of us, dreams are realer than the waking world, the time now then, is to awaken within the dream and be concious of your intent within it, your purpose, your destiny.
For you offer a piece to the puzzle that no other does, when we are whole once more, we shall solve this riddle.
As the saying goes, order comes through chaos, and that is the intent here, on both sides of the reflection.
Opposites attract after all, and soon the light and darkness shall meet in the middle. Much is happening.
Do not be engulfed in the negative spectrum, everything has purpose, know the love shall always guide us back to the light, and light shall always shine upon the darkness, revealing it as merely abcense of light, for all is energy of the same source.

I pray that you do not misinterpret this message, but recieve it with an open heart and open mind. Be brave in these times, as you are a fierce and wild spirit.
Sending you Light through Love,

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