Management limitations

Don’t take life too seriously, it’ll be over before you know it, so enjoy it and take it as a fluid experience rather than as a rigid tribulation.
The internal and external, the micro and the macro.
Direct experience and belief.
What you know for certain versus that which you have absorbed merely as secondary information.
We can affect the world in a very limited manner, however, we can affect and alter ourselves exponentially.
We as spiritual beings are capable of evolving indefinitely within this world, depending on how we choose to expend our energy.
For we have a limited supply of energy as finite beings, so where we choose to exert ourselves we shall see growth, we we choose to limit ourselves we shall see decline.
The point of this article to to acknowledge what is within our control and that which is not.
For I experienced burnout yesterday of a large magnitude due to stress as a result of my own beliefs and perspective.
As an empath, I feel deeply connected to the collective concious, and it can be incredibly unsettling, for I feel responsible for emotions that are not even my own, as well as for the safety and well being of those whom I do not know.
Although I am grateful for this connection to others, it also takes away from my own individual experience, for if I do not center and remind myself that I can only control myself, and cannot save the world, then at times I can be overwhelmed and shut down.
Everything on the external is a variable that is not within the control of the individuals internal, until the internal is under enough control to definitively exert a influence on the external.
That it to say, once an individual has developed enough strength and knowledge within themselves, they are then capable of exerting their energy externally and influencing other variables within our reality.
We are only in control of our own thoughts and actions, when those are refined to a high degree, then they may in fact influence others in turn.
If we are in fact sharing our beliefs and perspective, then we should ensure that they are honest, well thought through and tested, in the sense that they are as close to the truth, well defined and have been experienced by oneself.
If you haven’t experienced what you are defending or speaking of, then you do not know it to be true in your own heart, so you are merely defending a possibility.
This experience is constantly fluctuating and each Human Being is only capable of so much, what we do possess is ourselves however, and that can always be expanded.
For the world may always change, and humans shall in turn as well on a far more minuscule scale.
We can control how we change within a rapidly changing environment however, we can decide and control how our own micro lives unfold within the macro world, we can be in control of our outcome, rather than simply be enveloped by it.
Keep it open, keep it under control, keep it aware.
Be in tune with the information from both ends of the spectrum and never accept anything blindly, use your mind to disseminate fact from fiction.
Be in tune with your body, keep it strong and healthy through nutrition, supplementation, exercise and exposure to nature.
Be in tune with your spirit and trust your intuition.
Food for thought.
Sending you Light through Love,

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