Positive, Negative, Polarities of Energy

Positive, negative, neutral, these are the three states of energy. Forward, Reverse, Stagnant, these are the three states of momentum.

Satyva, Tamas, Rajas, these are the three states of a Human being, as dictated in the Bhavada Gita.

Satyva (Forward, positive) Tamas (Neutral, stagnant) Rajas (Negative, reverse).

The point of this article is to expand on positive and negative energy, what arises within both states and how you can access them, for within either state there is momentum, one is aligned with your spirit while the other is out of alignment and serving a purpose that is merely a belief.

Positive energy is pure, it is the naked essence that encompasses you as a spiritual being, negative energy is tainted, it is the masked ego that your mind has led you to believe to be that which you are under the influence of within the paradigms of our reality, it leads you to believe that you are set in stone within beliefs and perspectives that you have accumulated throughout your existence upon this plane.

Energy is a vortex, is can be considered a spiral, it is vibration and frequency, it is expanding or it is contract.

Positive energy is a upwards vortex that spirals in an expansive manner, it is going outwards and receiving the information that is infinitely available to it throughout the Universe.

Negative energy is a downwards vortex that spirals in a contracting manner, it is going inwards and receiving the information within that is known, incapable of absorbing the possibilities that are outside.

Your thoughts are your mental manifestations of information that you are absorbing or retaining, they can be evolved through a process known as thinking and in turn can be vocalized to discuss or conceptualized to create ideas and theories, the art of thinking is a process that begins with the observation of the information that is flowing throughout your mind.

Your thoughts are fueling your conscious (or unconscious state) and will either be of a positive or negative nature, they can obviously be a neutral nature as well, but typically that means you aren’t thinking, so you are probably either in a meditative state or state of inertia (inaction, frozen).

In turn, if you are experiencing negative thoughts, you are manifesting negative energetic possibilities that will grow stronger and more deeply within you the longer you hold on to them rather than allowing them to release.

You will be drawn deeper inwards the more focused you are on the negative energy, and within there is not infinite possibility, there is solely your beliefs and that which you have been conditioned to perceive, therefore, you are in the realm of the known, which isn’t exactly allowing you the opportunity to heal and grow (which is also known as…. expanding!).

Negative energy can easily cause sickness, as it will put you in a state of stress which lowers your physical immune system, certainly affects your mental health as it is incapable of releasing the thoughts that are affecting you and moving forward, and it will cut you off from you connection to spirit, because when you recognize that you are an infinite spiritual being merely experiencing the present moment and that you signed up for this life, it can be rather difficult to stay in a state of negativity.

The downwards spiral of negative energy will certainly take away from the beauty and infinite potential available to you at any given time, as you forget it exists, and you are merely focusing on the limitations, which will always be there, unless you overcome them, after all, we are in finite bodies, but we are eternal beings, the capacity for growth and acquiring newfound knowledge (that can aid you and others within your journey) as well as new skills to expand upon in as limitless as you allow it to be.

The remedies I have found for derailing yourself from a stream of downward negative influences include physical movement, exercise with weights, go for a run, dance, literally, work the energy out of you, there is a reason why animals shake after they have just had to deal with a stressful experience, it is to rid themselves of the energy they have just accumulated.

Meditation, ridding yourself of these thoughts and allowing them to pass through you and be released is also an immense gift, the two extremes of meditation are of a higher mind (delving deeper into ideas and concepts to formulate a solution) and no mind (releasing all the mental energy so that you may make space for the new).

Music and writing, as well as art therapy, have also proved to be immense gifts in times of crisis, as you can transmute your feelings into something of beauty (as an artist whose passions include music, writing and drawing, you can see why I would be drawn to these arts in moments of despair). Ultimately, this boils down to what you love to do, pursuing your passion in dark times can most certainly bring the light in.

Now, the positive energy state, where we all seek to be at all times, but as beings of dual nature (which makes us whole ultimately, because you can’t truly acknowledge the beauty of life if you have not first felt the despair and pain of it in turn), will always be burdened with the highs and lows that accompany our lives.

The positive state is an upwards vortex, allowing us to connect more deeply to our own thoughts and ideas, expand upon them more vigourously and also express ourselves to other human beings through the art of communication more completely.

The more you open up, the more positive energy (light) flows in, the more expanded and infinite your reality becomes, to the point where you acknowledge that you truly are limitless, in the sense that the less limitations you impose upon yourself, the more possibilities enter your world.

The more energy we put out into the Universe, the more energy is capable of funneling in, the more open you are, the more positive you are that is to say, the more willing you are to acknowledge knowledge itself which will be relayed to you in synchronization through other humans (present and past in the form of their words and voices, also known as voices and recordings).

Ultimately, positive and negative energy correlates and spreads throughout the entire Human trinity consisting of the mind, body and spirit, if you have an open heart and an open mind, then your spirit will shine through your in this world experience and you will constantly be expanding (flowing through positive energy) as you will wish to live as openly and freely as possible as that you may truly experience life to it’s full potential, the world certainly opens up the more you do (you will be more open to spiritual practice so that you can better understand yourself, you will always sharpen your mind through knowledge so that you can grasp the world around you at large and also have more to draw upon through connecting with others and you will wish to keep your physical body in top notch health so that you can traverse this world more easily, embrace physical challenges, and be there for your loved ones no matter what situation may arise).

If you have a closed heart and a closed mind, then you are merely limiting yourself from living the life that you are meant to experience. You’ll prevent yourself from recognizing that this is merely an experience and that you are eternal and truly here for the opportunity to evolve yourself and those around you, and leaving the world a better place than it was when you first arrived. You’ll grow tired, angry and uncertain, as you won’t allow yourself to see the world for what it truly is in a holistic sense, a wild and uncertain place riddled with opportunity, beauty, psychopathy and infinite potential. Life is what you make it, we limit ourselves or we empower ourselves.

On a final note, go upwards and expand yourself, it’s what you are here to truly do. I certainly struggle with the words I write at times, but ultimately, it is always a choice, make sure to make the right one for yourself and everyone else upon this plane of existence!

Tribe, I’ve been treating my blog as a conveyor of absolutely any thoughts that traverse my mental landscape recently, I’m very open, but there is only so much you as the reader are willing to digest. I’m going to be much more selective in what I manifest henceforth, and will always begin to include much more research on the topics I discuss. I am working on linking this blog with a much larger network that I am putting together, I would love it if some of you were to message me and join me on this mission, as writers co creating our work together.

That is to say, I am looking for guest writers on fragmented illusions, the areas will be diverse, art of any kind, spirituality, science, history, current events, please message me if this interests you and let me know what you are interested in working together.

I pray you are doing well, and I am grateful that you took the time to read my work today.

Sending you Light through Love,


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