Learning to Serve, Healing to Grow. A message.

Fear prevents us from pursuing our truth, our truth is our destiny, and our destiny is what gives us purpose.

There is much to be afraid of if you allow yourself to go deep down that rabbit hole.

Yet there is also much to be in awe of, if you open yourself up to the beauty and resilience of the human spirit.

A message from the past

One of the greatest lessons I ever received in life, that I have come in and out of, was from the plant teacher Ayahausca.

After many visions and uploads over the course of 6 ceremonies back in 2016, a single message resonated throughout me that was as crystal clear as when I had crawled out of the room, and locked eyes with my mother and felt pure love radiate and bloom, it was as clear as the love that emits from another’s eyes when you feel connection for the first time, it was as transcending as the moment you realize that only once the dark night falls, does the beaming sun rise.

The message that I received was that I was to be a healer and a teacher.

I took this as a shamanic calling, as it was most certainly, little did I realize at the time that I was still operating at an egotistical level and was unable to comprehend the fuller picture and the true message that sprung forth due to the fact that I had not yet grown fully as a soul within this world, alas I was still within the realms of immaturity.

For the simple matter of the fact is, that I was merely a messenger, with a simple statement to convey across the globe and to those of us within Humanity.

For to hold on to the title of healer and teacher is without a doubt selfish, it is only a man of the mind who could believe himself to be the preacher of creation’s concept. It is not to say that I am an anointed, I believe deep within we all know this to be true, for none of us can truly teach or heal one another, that responsibility lies solely upon you.

The Student is also the Teacher

This is the simple matter of the fact, it is what comes from within my heart to be relayed to yours so that together we may rise above the beliefs and perspectives that we believe guide us but in fact throw us off track.

For each and every human being is a unique specimen that holds a gift that no one else does, and if we empower and assist one another in rising above the lower faculties that hold us down then certainly we can build the world of dreams, a world a fantasy, a world where each and every one of us is is filled to the brim with passion and love, to the point where they are truly happy.

For I held this in for far too long and only now when I allow myself to dispel the fallacy am I able to transmit the truth of what the other world was trying to tell me, we can only learn and absorb that which is truly part of our canvas, thus invigorating the search within us to further discover more deeply of the path that we are upon indefinitely.

This is to say, that you cannot teach anything to an unwilling student, the student must be willing to learn, and certainly you cannot be the sole source of information for another individual, each Human Being must discover their own path and their own way to the beliefs that they themselves possess, they must search for the information that resonates deeply in their heart and be will to further expand upon it, one cannot teach knowledge, one must understand otherwise the exchange of information is pointless to begin with.

This is not to say that a teacher cannot give their knowledge to another, but once the student has absorbed the information, they must in turn be able to form their own philosophy (way of thinking in regards to the idea) and also expand upon it, for that is the sense of evolution is it not, to be made more whole with each passing generation.

Lessons must first be learnt in fact, so that they can be taught and transferred to others, who in turn will evolve the idea, practice or art so that it may in turn be transferred to the next generation of seekers who will evolve it, always growing towards a more complete version of the concept that first arose through the interpretation of the initial originator.

Ultimately however, it is not mean for another to transfer their belief to another, rather it is for them to show another the way towards their own self knowledge, their own fulfillment and ultimately their own purpose.

All healing comes from within

Initially when I had been received this message from ayahausca, I projected the idea that I was meant to be a healer of Human beings and their entirety. It was my duty to help and heal others I believed, little did I know, this was merely a projection of the fact that I myself had a lot of personal work to do, and that it was only just beginning now, my duty in fact, was to once more come full circle with who I was as a human being, but whole, rather than fragmented, full, rather than empty.

I took up as many spiritual paths as I could that would lead me to becoming a healer, absorbing as much information on healing as I possibly could.

This eventually led me from other mentor to the next, learning many different paths, energy and sound healing, plant medicine healing.

Believing it was my calling to be a healer, I took to these instructions rapidly and absorbed as much information as I possibly could, working on other individuals and their unique pains and traumas so that I could make them whole once more.

Forgetting the fact that I myself was not whole, no, I was merely distracting myself from the work that I truly need to engage in so that I could truly be of service to the collective, in truth, I was adding layer after layer of external identities so that I wouldn’t have to come face to face with my own issues.

After all, I am quite gifted at running away from my problems as a Human Being, I’m sure you can relate to that in many ways, after all, we are of the same ilk.

Learning not just spiritual healing (although maybe issues do arise from us not being in alignment with whom we are as eternal spiritual beings living a finite life, you’ll have to of course, come to that on your own conclusion, nothing I say is fact, merely experience) but also mental healing why is referred to many as psychology and physical healing such as proper nutrition and exercise (an organic diet and daily movement will do absolute wonders for you, but, you’ll have to try that out in order to test it out!).

In the end of my search however, I was burnt out, conflicted, unhealthy and uncertain, a shadow of my former self before I had begun the whole “healing” journey why is that?

Oh yeah, because I was projecting all of my issues and problems into healing and taking care of other people and not applying them directly to my own life, which was the root of all the problems to begin with.

If you want to solve an issue, look for the source of it’s initial inception, if you want to cure a disease or ailment (be it of the spiritual, mental or physical nature) then you must look to the root cause that conceptualized the issue to begin with!

For example, if you had a bad breakup and are suddenly anxious, overweight and unhappy, then it’s not because you have anxiety, eat too much or lack meaning in your life (although certainly those are byproducts), it is because you haven’t taken the time to accept, release and move on from your lost love, therefore you are projecting the pain of that experience into your individual life.

If you had abusive friendships in which you used substances as a coping mechanism of being with one another, then you aren’t an alcoholic, your just surrounding yourself with the wrong group of people and need to go on your own so that you can outgrow your negative habits and begin to focus on what you truly enjoy in life.

If you don’t see your life as meaningful, then understand this, you are a product of consciousness incarnate, you are literally intelligent energy woven into a manifestation of pure possibility with a finite time period to experience and explore this plane of existence, you have simply forgotten that and aren’t looking for the meaning that will drive you towards purpose.

We can only heal ourselves through experience, no one else can do that for you, some may be able to show you the way most certainly, but only your belief and willingness to change will transform you from a negative state to a positive state.

You are your own greatest ally, or most certainly, your own greatest enemy, this is a lesson that I know all too well.

In conclusion

I am not a healer nor am I a teacher, on the contrary, I am a seeker of life that wishes to expand themselves infinitely and be of service to of all of humanity, by first serving and evolving myself so that I may truly offer everyone else the best version of myself possible.

In fact, this is the responsibility of us all, to love and to learn, to grow and to evolve, to overcome and to adapt to any situation. We are all the greatest teacher and healer that we can offer to oneself, without a doubt.

We alone choose to awaken within the dream of life, now tell me, are you still sleeping?

Sending you Light through Love,


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