COVID 19 analysis; let’s open up

These are the most intense moments of our lives for many of us around the world, other than those who lived through the second world war, we are certainly in the midst of a societal revolution undertaken on a massive scale.

This is due to a strain of corona virus known as COVID-19 that originated in China (as we are led to believe and there are a magnitude of theories dictating it’s origin, from the mainstream bat munchers all the way to the alternative 5G cover up which states that the next generation of wireless frequencies, which has a magnitude of towers popping up internationally as well as the ramping up of Musk’s, which are 5G satellites that will cover every inch of this planet. Please note, there are health ramifications as a result of 5G, so no matter your beliefs you should look into this critical issue that is rapidly arising, I’ll post a few links at the bottom but please do your own research, as everyone needs to come to their own conclusion) and rapidly expanded across the globe.

This has put many of us out of work and dependent on “stimulus” packages, that are without a doubt a testing ground for UBI (otherwise known as Universal basic income, which is where everyone is dependent on a set income, issued by the state, which is a key factor of communism ladies and gentlemen, and we all know how well that has worked in the past..), it has crashed the global economy in such a way that this is now being called the second great depression, in fact, the economic crash is worse than the great depression, (

Who’s being hurt more than anyone else? Small businesses and their owners, many of whom will likely never re open or come back to their normal state of affairs due to the “germ consciousness” this will certainly awaken among the public afterwards (then again, if you are wearing a glove and mask but still ordering uber eats from mcdonalds, you may be stoked to be able to once more hit the restaurants).

Who benefits immensely from this, you know, corporations, that have federally backed bailouts, who have strong ties to the financial barons, I mean, banks, of this world, who have the resources to survive an economic crash and then in turn take over the economy once this is all over, similar to what happened in the 2008 financial crisis.

We in free democratic societies are being essentially put under mass house arrest, with totalitarian measures being imposed upon those who defy these orders, humans in less democratic societies are under martial law, with risk of imprisonment and enormous fines (in Canada you can be charged up to $1 million for defying your self quarantine, with regular checks from the RCMP) and in less democratic countries, you can be harassed by drones (in China as well as the U.S.A announced such measures in some states such as California recently).

Poland created an app where you need to take a photo of yourself in your house under lock down within 20 minutes, if not provided, then you will have cops knocking on your door.

In the Philippines, the president openly said that if people defy quarantine, then they should be shot in the street (the same president that said all drug dealers and addicts should be murdered, and they have been at an alarming rate over the years by police forces and vigilantes alike).

To say the least, we are losing our freedoms at an exponential rate, the mainstream media is spewing fear left, right and center, people are anxious and afraid, but what surprises me above all else, is that nobody seems to be asking why these draconian measures are being undertaken and pushed at such a rapid rate, without acceptance from the public (who for the large part, accepts the new measures in fear).

There is talk that our way of life won’t go back to “normal” for at least a year (and by then, Humans will have become so accustomed to their new found isolated way of life, that life will never be normal for them again, living through smart phones and clear barriers).

Then, of course, there is the word of this “all mighty” vaccine that shall herald us to safety (I’m sorry guys, but I don’t vaccinate and feel incredibly healthy and get sick maybe once every few years, tops. If you do, all the power to you. I just don’t like the idea of sick particles being inserted into my body in order to make me more resistant to being sick here’s a podcast on vaccines by a world renowned health expert, for those interested in learning more about it’s ill effects) and reboot our world to “order”, a new found order, a new world order maybe?

So what exactly is this vaccine that suddenly, Bill Gates, of all people, is promising to bring to the world, and rapidly mobilizing in order to do so (almost as though he was ready for this, oh yeah, he was, his foundation literally projected this incident in event 201 before it happened, 6 weeks before the outbreak..

Bill gates is a heinous figure with a really bad track record (but he is a multi billionaire so he can always hire the best marketers and publicists to make him look like a great guy that loves helping the little people of the world, then again he does have ties to Jeffery Epstein, you know, the serial pedophile that is responsible for pimping out thousands of little girls to some of the most powerful people on the planet, if you can name them, he was shaking hands with them, most likely, that bullied his way into obtaining a monopoly in the tech world with Microsoft, then invested his energy into other industries that he has no right possessing power with such as agriculture (mainly GMO and fake food) and “medicine” (mainly vaccines).

Gates is also behind ID2020, which proposes digital tracking to each and every citizen in the form of digital passports to make it easier for us (I mean, Snowden already revealed that we were being spied on long ago by our phones, and that they are listening to everything, we the people, say, why not make more personal), he’s already proposed a digital tracking system to be implemented in the U.S.A which would track you to make sure you haven’t come into contact with anyone that had COVID, and you know, track you no matter what as well, because they want to know you are safe god dammit!

Gates is also a valuable contributor to the WHO, where all of the information of the corona is coming from

So, as the world is under a state of panic and paralysis, there are measures being imposed, bills being passed, plans being made (or, you know, plans that are centuries old that continue to unfold before us, because some people play they long game, which means that they are willing to plan ahead to seize the day, or in this case, the world) to take away your freedoms, the same freedoms our ancestors fought tooth and nail for, the same freedoms that we would care a whole lot more about if we weren’t so busy in our own personal affairs.

The thing is people, my earth family, as mature and responsible adults (I’d hope so anyways), we really need to open our minds and think of the bigger picture. Yes people are dying. Yes there is a pandemic occurring globally (but the source of which, I have yet to see, as I am not a doctor, nor am I an expert in frequencies, nor have I experienced the epidemic first hand, solely by secondary source, and i’m the kind of guy that lives by experience with my own eyes).

Yes we have to take this seriously, because guess what, this moment in time will define the rest of our lives. If we believe that it is the responsibility of the government to take care of us in these times, then guess what, reality check, we are the government! Literally, we are the citizens of the world. The government answers to us, we fund their actions, we fund their services, we are the people of this world, and if we want to act like children during all of this and keep our hands over ours ears going “LALALA”, then by the time this storm passes, we could very well be living in a very different world, and guess what, it will be your children, your children’s children, our future selves (if you believe in reincarnation, that is but if not, here’s a cool story that will have to deal with the world if we don’t open our eyes and take responsibility for it, right now!

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And by that I mean it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before” Rahm Emmanuel, the former democratic mayor of chicago said that. It’s true, don’t let a serious crisis go to waste, it will either wake you up to your reality, or, it will traumatize you, as it is doing to so many right now, and put you right back to sleep.

It’s time to grow up, take off your earbuds, and start asking some real questions, because there is a lot going on right now around the world, and if you don’t take some time to do some critical thinking, then someone else will do that for you, and you won’t have any control of the ultimate outcome.

We can’t gather right now, it’s difficult as social creatures as we miss our tribe. This also prevents us from engaging in meaningful discussion as well as access our right to protest in safe measures. I mean, people are able to go to crowded grocery stores, go to the beer store, buy some pot, access our draconian brain of eat, shelter, sex, but we can’t go out to our national parks without being tracked down by the cops? Something about that doesn’t make too much sense to me.

Certainly, power is being taken away from us at an exponential rate, and we know that when power is taken, it can most certainly be abused, we look to numerous examples throughout history (Communist Russia and China, National Socialist Germany, Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, that’s just a few of the recent ones) to see that.

Although I’d like to be optimistic and keep my head down, I’m really not capable of that. I’m seeing with my own eyes that this is proving to be a recipe for disaster, and that we all need to wake up together (by that I mean, do some research, send letters to local governments to further explanations, and if need be, rally together digitally to come to the bottom of what the end game really is for this) and start moving forward together as nations, rather than sit around like children and be afraid, because FEAR is in my opinion, usually just false evidence appearing real. You don’t know what you don’t know.

I’m not claiming that I do. Yet, as a free man, I am more than welcome to sharing my opinion, and I wish to always be able to do so, I was us all to be able to do so, and I am not going to sit back and watch our future turn into something out of 1984. We are sovereign, free Human Beings, we deserve to know the truth behind this pandemic and what is occurring underneath our noses.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone, but ultimately we are not all meant to agree. I strongly encourage that you all start looking into this situation more deeply and with clarity, rather than waiting for it all to pass you by. If you want to talk, you can reach me at, I am certainly up for discussion of any variety. I’m going to be updating this situation based on my own research as I follow it. Keep healthy, keep your mind open, keep strong, keep free!

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act” George Orwell

Sending you Light through Love,


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