We fly together, a poem

Nobody sees the glass heart

That was shattered long ago

I know I didn’t

For in youth is where these scars were sewn

It happened rapidly, the rapids of a canyon

I used to challenge you bitterly

Yet now I am understanding

For you are a caterpillar

Frozen in the annals of time

You entered a cocoon one day

And were locked inside your mind

Because how can a beautiful creature spread it’s wings

If it was told it would never be able to fly

And so you stayed locked in the maze

Unaware of your natural design

It seems it was he, the very man sworn to protect

You as his blood, you as his most loyal subject

For he was a king in your eyes, but a cruel tyrant unconscious of his own lies

And so he cast out his queen, and then his two heirs

I watched from above and wondered how could he dare

To recklessly destroy paradise in the blink of an eye

So I joined you in this world, so that together we could fly

Yet I forgot what I witnessed upon entering this Earth

You too hid behind scar tissue, so I knew not how deeply you hurt

So as the years passed and I too entered a cocoon

I began to forget that I could fly too

So we replicated a pain rather than share a story

Unable to communicate that which within our soul lay

For there was a truth that both of us relayed

It was one of remembering that love always guides us to victory

So we parted in uncertainty and misunderstanding

To begin a journey that would reconnect us to healing and understanding

And as I broke free at last from a shell in which long ago I began to hide,

I looked to my left and right, noticed my wings and took flight

The beauty of the sky and the freedom of the wind

It was here I remembered why I returned to Earth to begin with

Full of questions and answers, today I let out a sigh

For I was incapable of helping you understand,

That only together we can take the leap of faith

And once more return to the sky

Wondering and wandering, where you had been

For I had been thoughtless and angry,

I denounced so many friendships and lovers

Due to the fact that I could not fill my own skin

Yet these chapters had come to a close

A new one was yet to begin

Hoping that you too would understand

That the pain of another does not reflect within

For it was here at long last within the mountains and clouds

I looked to the grassy ground and bellowed aloud

For I saw you, wide eyed and full of happiness and tranquility

You were perched in a nest, your wings were spread and you too, were free

I believe you saw me too, out of the corner of your eye

For it was then a wink and smile greeted me,

Joy and peace entered my heart

And I simply continued to fly

For we are the greatest of allies in this world

This is something that we must realize

For our bond is greater and stronger than the chains

That bound Atlas to hold up the sky

Poetry has always been a huge love of mine. I believe it’s time to start sharing my works once more. I pray that you find peace within these words, as I did by writing them.

Sending you Light through Love,


My recent song, Shaking me up, is now available on all platforms, you can listen by following the link below,


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