Think for yourself or, be told a vision

Television. Tellavision. Yes, tell a vision.

Everyone has to determine the truth for themselves, that is the role of independent free human beings that possess the capacity for critical thinking.

More and more frequently however, it is clear that the majority of Humans would much prefer placing their trust and blind faith into whoever happens to have the spotlight on the television, or on alternative news networks.

The thing is, you are getting secondary sources, not primary ones, no matter where you are entrusting your energy.

A secondary source is where you are receiving the information, place faith in the primary source, the primary source is where the actual investigation and deciphering takes place, this is an art known as journalism, and it is responsible for the news that you recieve.

Unfortunately, most full time journalists need to make a living, so unless they are independent, they are typically employed, and despite what you may believe or not, their employers happen to have an agenda, which is why they are employing reporters to begin with, in order to push a narrative.

Humans love stories, for they are the conduit for dreams and nightmares, they teach us ever so much about ourselves and the strange world that we inhabit.

Stories should come from the heart, they should be empowered, most importantly however, they should hold the truth.

What we see on the news these days, is rarely the truth, typically it is a narrative, with grains of truth embedded within, or just downright lies, in order to push an agenda, or in fact, tell a vision!

So my friends, what we are seeing on a large scale in this day and age is merely acting, as left and right, mainstream and alternative, are typically pursuing an agenda, so that they, like you and I, can fulfill their reptilian functions at the end of the day (shelter, food and sex, that’s always nice, isn’t it?).

Can I tell you something, over 90% of north American media outlets are own by billionaires, who own corporations, who lobby your governments immensely so that they may push their own corporate agendas under the guise of politics, did I mention that the banks give special rates to…. corporations! As George Carlin said, “it’s a big club and you ain’t in it!”.

So, before you go off and consider what you believe to be true as fact, maybe open your mind a little bit and do a little research because my friends, now more than ever before, critical thinking and responsibility is required to ensure that we are a part of the future we are collectively building as a species.

As it stands right now, corporate CEOS, politicians and banks, which all are meant to SERVICE & SERVE the people of the world, are in fact treating us as mere resources, similar in the way they treat the earth as a resource (and look at how well the earth has been treated in turn, look at the state of the common folk now a days) and we have the opportunity now, simply because it is so blatantly obvious that there is much amiss in the world, to truly take a stand and demand the facts that brought us to such a dire situation to begin with.

And the “facts” are misconstrued and changing daily, a new narrative, a new distraction, is being thrown at you so that we as a people don’t open our eyes and realize that, we are being manipulated, we are being controlled, we aren’t being treated as free, we are becoming like the machines we created to serve us, and how do you think that turns out? (Very coldly, I can imagine, and without very much emotion).

So let me give you a few facts; there is a monopoly on everything you do in your life right now, and there are laws being pushed to further the control of these monopolies, the world is being pushed by very unhappy (possibly downright psychotic) individuals towards a technocratic corporatocracy (technocrats are experts in a field, typically engineers and technologists- many founding members of China’s Communist party were engineers- and don’t get me wrong, engineers are great people, we need them, but they should stick to designing and creating, not writing laws and regulations- it may end up very… unempathetic and cold), a corporatacracy is where corporations rule and regulate as well- I mean at least we still have politicians to pretend like we are a democracy right, even if they lobby exponentially and usually get what they want in terms of pushing for more power and disregarding all forms of life (like the earth, its resources, animals, and you know.. people).

It’s not going to get better people, until we as a collective begin to wake up and demand change. The thing is, as beings of free will, we have the right to keep our heads down and unconsciously go through the motions of life, hoping that everything will be alright.

We also have the opportunity to consciously investigate, understand the bigger picture of what is unraveling on the planet right now, and demand change. If you want your children to live in an oppressive world where everything is controlled by a small minority, then by all means, keep your head down and let others do the work- otherwise, you can join on in.

If you want to actually be a part of the solution, then you have to put in some effort. If you just want everything to return to normal and don’t was to dictate your future as a sovereign and independent human being that is interwoven with all of consciousness, then guess what, your normal, may in fact become something straight out of a dark mirror episode (if you don’t know what that is, it’s a dystopian dark future show where everything is interconnected through technology and the implications as revealed throughout it are downright invasive, violent, and well.. dark, can we say, TELL A VISION once again?)

What surprises me more than anything is just how easily manipulated and controlled we truly are as a “modern” species, it’s as though we have been through the gauntlet (a punishment in roman legions for poor performance, which can be corresponded to this situation, as we as a species have been punished through war, deceit, corruption, time and time again. I think the time has called for that to stop, and for us to truly embrace change of a positive nature) so many times that we are willing to accept anything for peace, even if it costs us our freedom and ultimately is not peace whatsoever.

A great realization has been made as my life comes full circle, determining and discovering the truth is a part of who I am, as well as being a free Human Being, I will never back down from having the right to discovering the truth nor my basic freedoms infringed upon, nor those right of my brothers and sisters upon this planet.

The times we live in are as always, incredibly interesting, if we simply awaken to that fact. Let’s start open conversations, let us think about the overall situation and the possible endgame for it, after all, you have an agenda as an individual, maybe as a small collective that you belong to among other like minded individuals, why is it so hard to believe that powerful people would not have an agenda that may very well not have your nor your families best interest at heart?

This isn’t to say that I speak the truth, this is to say that I am on a journey of discovery, and I will not rest until I found the truth that sings in my heart, for if we do not live true to ourselves, then we do not live at all.

I for one, am tired of hiding, I am tired of being afraid, I am tired of worrying of the repercussions for being true to my spirit, and I will do so no longer, I’ve lived long enough to know that the only way to live, is to be in alignment with your integrity and honor, and I shall do just that.

This is the beginning of my investigative nature reopening, as it has been over the past week. No longer will I deny that aspect of myself. It is within you as well, and I pray that you do not deny yourself either, think for yourself, do some research into the broader picture that is being painted upon planet earth, open up and always be ready for any situation that may arise.

We are family, by that I mean we belong to Humanity, let’s ensure that we thrive together, enough of the separation and indecision, respect one another’s right to free speech and speak your mind and heart, don’t keep quiet for too long, otherwise we may never have the opportunity to do so!

Sending you Light through Love,


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