The Ship of Human Experience

One is a ship, a captain of their own vessel, sailing among the seas of infinity.

The vessel is the finite body that one’s soul, the captain, must commandeer throughout the experience of earthly matters, and must learn the mechanisms involved with properly utilizing the vessel to their best advantage.

In a brief description of the three components within this allegory that seeks to define the Human Being within their current universal experience upon planet earth, the human trinity of the Spirit, mind and body shall be defined.

The sea is the universe, in a simpler and more understandable manner, it is earth, for that is the sea in which we as spiritual beings are currently evolving through.

The body of the Human being is the ship that traverses throughout the sea.

The mind is the mechanisms, sails and steering wheel of the ship, which must be mastered and further evolved if the body is to be utilized to it’s full potential.

Lastly, the captin is the individual spirit that is commandeering the mind and body which are one in unison as the individual vessel, in this context, the ship, that is traversing the sea of existence.

First and foremost the captain, the spirit, must in fact acknowledge that it is in control of the experience overall, they are manifesting their reality in accordance with their own beliefs, therefore they must acknowledge that they possess free will and are in fact acting towards utilizing it, in pursuit of their own destiny.

Destiny in reference to this idea unfolding, is in fact regarded as the destination in which the captain (spirit) is sailing their vessel or ship (mind and body) towards.

And so it is, the human being that encapsulates their own essence (which is the totality of the human trinity of the mind body and spirit) purposefully (and at times, not so much) moves throughout their own experience in efforts to reach their destiny, thus accomplishing the purpose of their existence.
It is the responsibility of the individual captain (soul) therefore, to learn the correct methods of navigating the waters they tread (the world at large) through the development and understanding of the mechanisms (mind) that allow the vessel (body) to effectively traverse the domain that is happens to be within at any given time.

The captain (soul) learns through trial and error (experience) of what happens to effectively work for them to reach the destination (destiny) of their journey (the individuals life as a whole).

Only through conscious investigation of the mechanisms within the ship (only through developing and mastering one’s mind) will the captain (soul) be in complete control of their vessel (body), through exploration of the vessel, they are able to further experiment and engineer (this would be evolving the body with skills, keeping it healthy and strong, so that it is flexible and capable of operating no matter the situation it happens find itself in) within it so that the vessel is able to meet the demands of a rapidly changing environment, as there is one truth in this world, and that is the constant change we as Human Beings have always experienced.

Once a captain (soul) has mastered the art of navigation and operation of the mechanisms (mind) that allow their vessel (body) to operate upon the smooth and rough waters (highs and lows of the emotional life that we as human beings experience) of the sea (the earth, furthermore, the universe), then the captain is capable of truly pursuing their destination (destiny) without hesitation nor distraction (fear and uncertainty), when they know their destiny, rather than going into life alone, they may in fact, to better their odds of accomplishing their goals, decide the that they shall join a fleet (group of like minded individuals) that is in pursuit of a similar destiny.

Upon joining forces, the captains of the various vessels will realize that their mechanics (mind) and vessels (body) differ, and what a blessing that is ultimately, as this allows the fleet to accomplish more complicated and diverse missions (tasks and goals) that would be far more difficult to succeed in had they been on their own, as an individual captain commanding their vessel.

Thus, the accomplished and conscious captain becomes far more successful when they in turn join forces with other captains of the same caliber, in pursuit of a similar desination (destiny).

When one feels as though they have reached their desintation (destiny), they will stray from the fleet (group of like minded souls in pursuit of a similar objective), however, as the capatin (soul) is a restless adventuer always striving to evolve and further their treasure trove (accumulation of knowledge and experience within Earth, or the Universe), they will generally always discover that there is and always shall be another journey to be made, as the sea is always calling forth those that are willing to recieve it’s blessings and adventures.

So they captain may stray from the fleet, to rediscover and expand upon their own mechanics and vessel, to further venture upon their own adventure and to discover a new destination for fulfillment of one’s ideology and goals, in the end however, the call to join forces once more with a fleet will always beckon them, ultimately, it gets lonely out in these open waters.

So captains, enjoy the ride, bless your fleet, be grateful for the beautiful and vast ocean that is ever so deep, and master the mechanics upon the vessel in which you ride, for you never know honestly, the nature of these uncertain tides.

I pray you enjoyed this piece my friends, it is the beginning of a broader work philosophy/story I am working on. Know that everything is in order if only you see it to be, know that you alone can act and prevail, be both the lock and the key, the world is waiting for you, and it is such a grand mystery.

If you enjoy my work, please do share it, as I spread by word of mouth, subscribe to the blog to stay in tune with me, as I write constantly.

Sending you Light through love,


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