Connection, Disconnection, Paradox

Connection, Disconnection, affection and rejection, attention and discretion, mere words that describe opposite directions.

Connected through Disconnection, Disconnected through Connection, a paradox.

The affliction of disconnection is incredibly prominent throughout Humanity in the year 2020, as we have evolved more thoroughly through technology and logic, rather than nature and emotion, opposites seem to attract, but they also most certainly overwhelm.

They can attempt to mimic one another, but they are polar opposites, as one is pure while the other happens to be contorted, one is artificial while the other is natural, one is flawed while the other is perfect, you decide what term fits the positive and negative depiction, after all, your perspective is what shall manifest your reality.

The thing is, we are disconnected. The paradox in that statement is that we are disconnected through connection, or we are connected through disconnection.

Both of these states are opposite ends of the spectrum of existence in this present, and they must be balanced so that we may once more thrive in optimization, which we have begun to do, as a minority, slowly creeping upon the majority, just as the majority slowly creeps upon the minority, what a paradox, alas, that is the nature of our existence is it not, simply complicated.

Disconnected through Connection (individual)

Connected through disconnection, defined in the sense that the individual does not collaborate nor conform to the mentality of the masses, does engage in the act of critical thinking, follows their intuition and unique originality, they are in pursuit of their individual purpose, striving towards their destiny, throughout this journey however, they feel misunderstood.

They feel as though they are outcasts who are incapable of communicating their internal state to the external world save for a few individuals whom they are deeply connected to, and capable of communicating their selves to one another.

This can lead to loneliness, if one feels as though they are incapable of expressing themselves as whom they truly are comfortably whenever they are around others.

Loneliness, the plague of humanity in the past, present and future, leads in turn to deeper pains of the mental (disorders), physical (addictions) and spiritual (crisis) realms.

Thus, in order to feel whole when an individual has at last connected to oneself, they must in turn build up the courage to connect to a state of disconnection so that they may at the very least lead by example in a realm, the conscious mind is aware of it’s unconscious counterpart, in fact, the conscious mind is only 5% of the totality where as the unconscious makes up the remaining 95%….

Interestingly enough, that could very well correlate to the totality of the collective human mind on an individual level as well, that is to say, a small percentage of humans have broken through societal programming, healed their individual trauma and have worked through the belief systems that were embedded within them from a young age. those in tune with themselves, will often attract those of the same caliber in turn, allowing people of similar vibrations (mindsets) to work together.

Connected through Disconnection (collective)

Connected through disconnection in turn refers to the fact that humanity can be blatantly unconscious and pursue life as though they were automatons, in order to fit in among society and to not stand out (I know I have done that in the past many of times, and it has caused me great suffering).

The thing is, humans are not cattle, nor are they ants, they may share emotions and thoughts through a greater collective connection (empathy, intuition, ESP, considering we are all energy and are conscious of that fact, that’s connection right there), however we most certainly are unique creatures in regards to our characteristics, attributes, strengths, weaknesses, culture, beliefs and the defining fact being our ego, the mental construct that is constantly forming more and more as we grow as Human Beings.

Therefore, we are not meant to fit into a societal mental framework, we are not meant to be programmed to believe or behave a certain way, despite the fact that we are tribal beings, we are still unique within the tribe, and we possess an individual purpose, we are an individual piece to the puzzle, and if all the pieces were the same, that would be an absolutely boring piece of art.

The disconnection arrives in connection when individuals forgo exploring themselves and what they individually have to bring to society, focusing on fitting into the mold rather than molding ourselves into who we truly wish to be, thus arises the void within.

Rather than lonely, one becomes dissatisfied among others who are dissatisfied, and in turn, considering it to be the norm, ventures forth and doesn’t feel the need to attempt re connection, or, upon realizing they can no longer take the feeling of emptiness within, they decide to react, alter themselves and in turn, possibly alter those around them as well.

If one does not attempt to connect within during this state of crisis, then the same issue arises within them as it does for those whom are connected to themselves but disconnected to other, the dissatisfaction with everyday life leads to plagues of the mental (disorder), physical (addiction) and spiritual (crisis) conditions.

Seeking balance within a world of connection and disconnection; knowing when to act upon one or the other.

Thus, seeking balance simply refers to the individual’s journey of self realization and in turn, actualization, for the will must be stronger than the skill (I can’t remember who quoted that, but it has stuck with me ever since I saw it hanging upon my 12th grade English classroom wall).

The journey can very well begin on either end of the spectrum, you may well know yourself very well but struggle with connecting to a greater group, that which is known as humanity, for fear of judgement and being misunderstood.

You may on the other end, just meld perfectly into society and all others around you, but when you are alone, you feel empty, as though you are lacking something, this something is known as you, you are lacking connection to yourself and the fact that you are a magnificent piece of art genetically quantified at this moment in time through the mystery of spirit and life itself, as the human in the mirror.

Personally, I’ve always been a loner.

Even in groups, I feel disconnected. So much so that even among family, I feel disconnected, among lovers, I feel disconnected, among friends, I feel disconnected, among acquaintances, I feel disconnected.

This is not to say that I do not get along with other people or tribe, on the contrary, I get along fabulously with most people, but our interactions remain very shallow most of the time, as I can be, if you can imagine, a rather “deep” individual (I know myself, therefore I don’t know myself…. oh the irony). Anyways, this has been a reflection, and I most certainly have my work cut out for me. I pray that this may have inspired you to do some personal work in turn.

Grateful that you took the time to read my work as always, please do like and share among your family and friends, as I spread through word of mouth (usually not my own, because I am still working on that). Subscribe to the blog to stay in tune with me, as I spend quite a bit of time connecting with you all here.

Sending you Light through Love,


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