Losing the fountain of knowledge, our elders.

In the post industrial world, where men went to work in factories, women went to work as well, children were forced to go to school (by the way, schools were brought into existence to create docile factory workers who didn’t think critically and were able to work hard throughout the day until the “bell” rang, signalling their shift was in fact over, you can read more about that at a link I will provide at the end of this piece, and another link that will support the evolution of school system, so we can keep it without bias and with balance), our elders, those whom had the most wisdom, knowledge and life experience, were suddenly no longer a part of the picture.

The very fabric that once held families together, that is, strong and close knit families, was beginning to disintegrate (and in the 21st century, has come undone for the large part unfortunately) due to the fact that people were not spending time together working (families had farms and professions that were handed down through their families before industrialization/globalization began), bonding together, cooking together, living together (people now bond with their technology far more than their family, the do not cook real food together, although currently during this pandemic they may be forced to, which is certainly a positive, and people in the western culture move out far earlier than any generation before them, so that they can “grow up”, meanwhile most haven’t learned to do their laundry, cook basic meals, clean themselves and exercise their mind and body so that they can maintain a balanced healthy lifestyle. Wow, I sound like a health commercial don’t I? Don’t worry, I won’t try to sell you anything).

Humans prefer to see themselves as individuals, rather than units, however those individuals typically have no background knowledge as to who they are and what they are becoming, so they typically blunder awkwardly through life and upon landing in a career, they have found themselves (“this is who I am because this is what I do!” Wow, your fucking boring. Next please.) and then they go through the usual programmed societal constructs that make them feel as though they have passed the trials of maturing into adult human beings (getting into a serious relationship, even if they don’t really know the person in totality because neither of them have done the deep work of discovering who they are and what they truly want out of life, it’s lonely out there, humans are social creatures after all, and getting married, starting a family and running the 9-5 until you are out of your prime just seems like what you should be doing, after all, your parents did that, and they seem, well, they seem happy, don’t they?).

Confusion arises at a very young age. It’s happened to you. It’s happened to your parents. Because of the not so distant great wars (that we try so hard to push out of our collective memory), it happened to your grand parents and great grand parents as well, that’s 4 generations of humans, completely demoralized, confused, and following the societal programming that they are indoctrinated in at a young age because in all honesty, they don’t know what else to do.

I bring up the great wars, because these really did in fact completely change the fabric of human history, they destroyed nations, empires, entire cultures and peoples, to the point where many people don’t even recognize their culture or heritage, they don’t recognize their history, therefore, they don’t recognize themselves.

It’s as though without understanding where we come from, we simply settle for where we have landed, and honestly, landing as a Caucasian of Macedonian/German descent whose grandparents are still confused as to what happened to their lives, who parents are still conflicted about what happened in their lives, well, it’s been pretty confusing and damn right, it’s been painful, as I can imagine many of you feel, we all feel it, as we are interconnected through spirit and history, and our cells, which developed from our ancestors, which carry their emotions and memories to this day.

And where we have landed is a pretty black and white society that thrives on economic productivity/growth on a micro and macro level, empowerment of those that support the agendas of corporate/financial entities that seek to establish hegemony of all industries upon the planet; really, it thrives on being tunnel visioned and willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead, although the times most certainly are changing towards a more balanced lifestyle and many people are waking up to the responsibility that they face as conscious human beings who are apart of the entire web of life, it has taken a lot of work to get here, and now the real challenge begins (responsible for their health of the mental and physical levels, responsible for their own evolution, responsible for the well being of their community, their environment, in essence, responsible for themselves and their surroundings, that which they can influence and impact upon).

The real challenge is healing our society and our planet and completely changing the way we operate in many different realms so that we can move towards the future in unison, rather than separation, so that we may see the beauty of all that is interconnected throughout life, rather than perceiving it as objects and point of manipulation that we can utilize. The thing is, we can live as parasites, taking more and more until there is nothing left, or we can live in symbiosis, and live in balance, taking only what we need and never more, being grateful for the fact that we have life, breath, nourishment and water and finding solace in that.

At this point I must revert back to the main point of this discussion, and that is how greatly the loss of elders in our society has replaced us, how elders used to teach, shape and allow us to grow into who we are from a lineage and into an individual who will carry the torch. What we have replaced with elders is mentors (people who you can relate to but are of a higher skill level/maturity and therefore can offer you teachings) and unfortunately, the governments (people in my country, place much faith in the government, despite the fact that the government is the people, “elected” by the people and in service to the people).

Our elders were taken away from us when they were forced to go to work rather than teach us themselves the meaning of life, just as those before them had been taken away from them. Our elders were traumatized by the brutality of unifying the world into more whole entities (U.N-Soviet post WW2; West and East conflicts of the present, economic and proxy wars). Our elders themselves were programmed through fear and uncertainty, and they no longer possess what they previously did to prepare us for the world. Our elders themselves are typically children, who did not have elders to truly incorporate them into the world, therefore they follow suit and do not take the time to develop themselves into who they are and who they are meant to be, on the contrary, they float down the assembly line of society.

Eventually emerging unsatisfied and disheartened, unaware of their greater calling, unaware that there is nothing safe about life and to believe yourself to be set up for safe is merely another one of Maya’s greatest illusions.

Indigenous cultures (this is not simply north and south american indigenous; WE ARE ALL INDIGENOUS TO WHERE WE HAIL FROM! We all have a culture, a history, a story, to bring to the table, considering our entire world comes from stories and the grandest stories themselves are told in religion!) have always placed the elders at the top of the hierarchy, for they possess the most experience and knowledge, as they have lived the longest, and they use this wisdom to prepare the youth for their own life.

For if you are not prepared and thrust into the world then you will suffer gravely, or you will just block it all out using the tools of modern man’s coping arsenal, addictions that is (which come in all forms, addiction to work, sex, exercise, knowledge, substances, you can be addicted to anything, anything that gives you the feeling of power) so that you can deal with a world that is in fact uncertain and unknown.

The youth are trained by the elders while the adults transition from their youth armed with the knowledge and skills gifted to them by their elders where they will in turn have their own unique human experience and expand/evolve upon what was taught and learned so that the society continues moving forward in a positive direction.

The youth then become the adults whom accumulated wisdom/skills from elders and adults while the adults transition to elders as the previous elder generation passes. The youth being adults, create new youth who now possess a new generation of elders to learn from. This circle of life has been the way of Humanity for a very long time, but it has been disrupted in most parts of the world and it is very noticeable.

The maturity and structure of society has faltered, as individuals now believe they can buy their rite of passage into manhood or womanhood without having to go through the trials and tribulations of first hand experience. The void within these individuals is still very much so apparent, as some of the wealthiest nations and individuals on the planet are still filled with the most numerous cases of mental and physical anguish and well and spiritual disconnection.

So what is the solution? The solution in my opinion at the very least, is to go back to our roots, To go back to our ancestral wisdom and knowledge that we believe to be lost, but can most certainly be found. To take responsibility for ourselves and our society, rather than believing your mentor to show you the way, or even worse, believing your government to have your best interests at heart.

For if you believe the government to be your elders, you are sorely mistaken, not only have you never met them, nor have they ever given anything of value to you (but look at society! hmm, we’ve built this up over time, and it is the individuals and family that build society, certainly not the governments, not anymore, then again, that could merely be viewed as my own opinion).

We need to become the elders that we never had, we need to develop harmonious relationships with the natural and unnatural world, coming to a place of balanced duality ultimately.

We need to set the wrongs that have been implemented, right, and we need to do this together.

Also, if you had great elders, then that is wonderful and I am very grateful for them, for you, mine did the best they had with what knowledge they had available to them, and I wouldn’t never put blame on others for that which they do not know.

The point is, for our future, and our children future, and for our grandchildren’s future, we need to become who we are meant to be, we need to the remember the past, its truth, to implement into the present, so that we may have a brighter future.

There is so much more to be said. Yet it shall be saved for another time. Grow into whom you are meant to be, this is your own duty and responsibility. We need everyone to be individual and whole, so that we may use our unique skills to create a positive outcome. If you enjoyed this work, share it, subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already.

Sending you Light through Love,



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