Stability and tranquility

The individual must certainly take responsibility for their own life, enact positive change so that they may move forward in their life.

This will prove to be an immense tribulation certainly, but in the end one will be grateful that they took up the throne and became the ruler of their own life, rather than subject to that of another.

Within this journey there will be many layers of negative adversaries that one must overcome in order to be worthy of accessing the treasure that is their own divinity (the higher self, the spirit).

These adversaries include addictions, repetitive behaviours, toxic relationships, negative emotions- they all come down to our lack of self worth, believing that we are not worthy of being our self.

Once we have overcome our own demons, we may be greeted by our own angels (in this context, we are referring to positive and negative powers that seek to assist or destroy you).

Before you rise above however, you will be forced to confront what led you down the path of darkness initially, so that you acknowledge why you had to make that journey and why you have made an oath to not walk upon that road again.

We all have a story, the human life unto itself is a story, everywhere you go in life, you will see how stories have defined our species, and how various sub plots and chapters make for quite an intriguing tale that is very hard to put down once you get embroiled within it.

Alas, the review of the story that has brought you to this point in time will allow you to recognize the errors that sprung forth and inhibited further progress while one was still in the midst of a negative plot (by negative plot, we are referring to the negative inclinations that prevented the growth of an individual).

Once recognized and understood, it must be accepted and released so that it does not replicate further upon the journey when focus, attention and presence are inherently required in order to move forward.

Now that the past is dealt with, the individual is capable of accepting the present and arrive at a point of clarity in their purpose….

Henceforth, the purpose is the driving force of the individuals existence coupled with love.

Love allows you to overcome odds of inexplicable nature, when you in fact love your purpose, nothing can stand between you and its completion, for you are lovingly willing your result into existence.

You will only change if you are ready to do so. If you are committed to do so. If you inclined at long last to step into your own truth rather than continue to live a fallacy.

We require as a collective, concious and driven individuals who have awoken to their purpose and higher truth, to step into the light of reality and come bear the fruits of their labor.

We require the unique gifts that each of us possess to be shared so that we may empower one another to make change in a world that is pleading for evolution.

Evolution in the sense of taking the next step, relinquishing the old and welcoming the new. We are prepared, but it can’t be done as a minority, it requires the majority.

Which is why the individual must first and foremost rise and meet the call of their own destiny.

It is waiting, you are waiting, we are waiting, dissipate the illusion.

Share the piece, follow for updates, stay in tune, most importantly, with yourself.

Sending you light through love,


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