Insignificant Significance

Insignificance can be quite reassuring at times, especially for individuals who believe themselves to be of significance, or if the project they are developing is in fact, rather significant; in turn, is whom you are insignifcant from an individual point of view, or do you hold significance of oneself- is what you do significant to others, or is it merely significant to oneself?

For ultimately the individual blessed and cursed with the identity of a conscious and intelligent biological organism will feel themselves to be of significance if they attach too deeply to their ego, their identity, they are the center of the universe somehow and bring about great revelations where they trek. If they wander too far from their ego however, they will begin to feel insignificant, as they are merely a visitor to this realm, and before long they shall fade.

Of course, both extremes lead to instability, as it is with the reality of life; you can enjoy exercise, but you shouldn’t spend four hours, 7 days a week, sculpting your body, you may end up doing more damage than good, or you might just end up looking like you are in need of something, you know, like a breath of fresh air.

You also shouldn’t spend 12 hours contemplating your existence, for you may wander to the depths of your inner space, and believe there to be a further voyage calling you, but you venture a little too far from home (your mind) that you never end up coming home, trust me, there’s a lot of empty space out there, it can be difficult to come back to Earth.

This should be fairly common knowledge, alas, we live in fairly uncommon times, I mean, I’m not smoking 10 joints a day anymore, so the Universe may have collapsed inwards to the closest parallel reality, and now we are experiencing a non linear time line- as my father used to say, just roll with the punches.

And by roll with the punches, I mean, flow with your life (I don’t mean just empty your mind and say hare krishna as you wander the world in a translucent robe, although, the experience is enjoyable). Flow with your life means being open to oneself, open to oneself means that you are being true to yourself, being true to yourself means that you are operating in alignment with your goals, values, morals and destiny, while maintaining an open belief system and being open to possibilities (you never know what you don’t like until you just take the chance).

Now, if you determine what you are developing or working towards is solely of signifcance to yourself (which could ultimately, become significant to others through sharing, if it is an art such as painting or poetry) then you should acknowledge just how insignificant you are within the universe, therefore you should take the time to manifest something of the utmost calibre in turn as you are also a creation of the universe, therefore, significant in turn.

If you are developing something that will be of significance to others (such as medicine or a new technology enabling cleaner air, for example), then you should acknowledge how significant of a contribution this could possibly be to humanity while acknowledging how insignificant you are to develop such a creation, however, you are an aspect of humanity, and you alone, as a single piece to the puzzle, are capable of offering such a gift to the whole, as it is yours to offer, therefore, you are incredibly significant and should bring forth your utmost ability in the molding of your creation.

Where am I going with this, yes, insignificance, of oneself, while adhering to significance, of oneself, for the balance within the two domains will certainly allow you more freedom, while maintaining the discipline required to actually project your dreams into manifestation.

For if we place too much significance, too much pressure, on the individual, then they will surely collapse, or become far stronger, one or the other, however, they will probably develop habits and routines that allow them to play the role of “significance”, and this could be damaging not only to oneself, but to those around them in turn, and in turn, those who are around those who have been around them.

If we place to little significance on the individual, they will lack motivation, neglect developing self discipline, and believe that their sole purpose in life is to exist, and most certainly it is, and if that is the wish of the individual they are more than entitled to it, however, if they are will and capable, then possibility is open to them, as long as they are willing to seize it.

The bottom line is, allowing yourself to acknowledge your insignificance in regards to the status of an eternal universe is truly humbling, relaxing, and can be rather empowering, as we are but mere specs (Humans, and there are A LOT of us) within a line (country) within connecting lines (continent) within a square (earth) within a number of connecting squares (solar system) within a cube (galaxy) withing a very large box, holding many cubes (the Universe), there you have it, now what are you going to do as a spec, considering you have the opportunity to add a significant contribution to the box (remember, you are just a piece of the puzzle, like me, like everyone else, no pressure)?

I am praying you are all doing well my friends. I also hope you enjoyed this piece. If you did, like it, share it with your friends and family, I spread by word of mouth. Subscribe to my blog and you will recieve my latest works directly to your email.

Sending you Light through Love,


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