If only we knew

If there was a magical answer to our eternal questions that we received suddenly through the open air or the voice of an angel, then simplicity would reign supreme and we would both be flowing smoothly through the journey of our lives.

Unfortunately, if that were the case, bliss would constantly persist and we would eventually meet a stalemate and begin to stagnate, realizing that the blessing in disguise was in fact a curse, for it never gave us the opportunity to discover our worth.

Human Beings from all walks of life are either engaged and filled with momentum, seeking to develop and manifest the next great idea or concept that will catapult them into a state of meaning and fulfillment.

On the other hand they are pondering and wondering what exactly it is that they are seeking, what are they trying to invoke, what is it that will add value to not only their lives, but their fellow human beings.

This is the action of self actualization and self manifestation, for one must be open and receptive to themselves, their capabilities, and their dreams, in order to begin conceptualizing new ideas that will in fact allow them to “actualize their potential”.

For Human beings are fragile entities of infinite power, it simply takes perspective and experience to determine which side of the “fence” you happen to be on (that is to say, whether you are capable or incapable, which is reflected on one’s self worth, which is based on one’s confidence within the world, which should be based on actual value that you bring to the world, rather than an inflated ego, with little to offer but winks and negligent inputs).

This can only be done through the exploration and understanding of the mystery that happens to be yourself, rather than delving deep into discovery to become a product of design, as you are either producing or consuming, that is to say, you are an artist or an admirer, you are a creator or a destroyer, one is infancy while the other is maturity, yet we alone can determine which is what and what is which.

For there are two worlds, the world within you and the world without you, those that acknowledge this will put the energy forth that is required in order to develop themselves into whom they inherently are, that is to say, you will take the time to understand yourself, if you wish to put forth what is available within yourself, your gifts and skills, that you alone can manifest into reality.

If you do not take the time to look within and discover what lays beneath the surface, then you will be traversing a shallow existence based upon the external solely, and outside you will simply end up pursuing the material world, without regarding the spiritual within.

Balancing the material and the spiritual are necessary in order to live within this reality, for either extremity will take you out of touch with oneself, you will either be floating above or sinking below, rather than understanding one’s place in a grounded environment in pursuit of your spiritual calling and applying it to the material world before you.

However, if we simply listen to the voices outside and believe them to be our answer to uncertainty, then certainly we will find ourselves empty eventually when their is nothing more for the voices to pander away at If we listen to the voices within and believe the voices outside to be invalid, then we will struggle coming to agreement within this world that challenges our perspective.

Without balancing the material and spiritual realms that we inhabit as human beings, we will face great adversity in being at peace, and will constantly be wandering and wondering what next is in store, when in reality, it boils down to us, for we are the magical variable in the equation that dictates a solution that is correct or false.

If we are willing to put in the effort in calaculating the formula that makes up a balanced human being, which is unique in the case of the individual, then we are able to enter the collective before us within our own power, rather than on the supply of another.

Nothing worth having ever came easy, most importantly, fulfillment, embrace the challenge, for it will bear the sweetest fruit and point the way to an even more promising harvest.

Sending you Light through Love,


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