Solid yet melting

What is known and unknown is an objective statement.

For that statement differs from an individual to the next, and it differs widely.
It also relates solely to ones perspective that they have attained through beliefs as well as direct experience.

Beliefs are unknown, but to the believer, they are fact, even if the presumed belief could certainly be classified as fiction, especially in the eyes of others.

Direct experience allows one to have a sense of what they have perceived is in fact known, until the experience is challenged by another direct experience, and it alters.

Within science, practitioners experiment relentlessly until they attain results that are physical and non negotiable, for through trial and error the solution was discovered, and it appears to true, until of course, it is proved otherwise.

Within metaphysics, practitioners contemplate and philosophize concepts and ideas among themselves and others until they have reached a consensus that the notion could very well have a basis to be formulated in reality, until it is proven non existent or expanded upon.

Within both these realms, there is possibility, the seen and the unseen, and they add to individuals and collective beliefs and perspectives as they become known.

It is up to the individual, who is the practitioner of their own beliefs and conveyor of their own experiences, to constantly challenge oneself in order to alter and evolve from the previous state, this is how we evolve, whether we are concious of it or not.

The three states of matter (or so it is widely agreed upon..) are solid, liquid, and gas.

A belief is gas, it must float invisibly until it reaches a state where it can condescend (or, be conceptualized from idea or thought into physical reality through a consensus of a collective) and turn into liquid, where it is now visible, but still not whole, now it must freeze (be materialized into reality through deep introspection, debate and investigation) in order to become solid, where the belief can now be experienced directly and percieved as what for the time being, is known.

An experience is solid, for it has been percieved by the individual in the physical and is known, only when the experience is challenged by individuals who themselves hold alternate theories on the experience, based on their own similar experience, will it begin to melt (for the experience is based on the individuals perspective of what occurred) into liquid, whereupon further introspection and debate among others, the remaining theory that remains of the experience may very well evaporate into gas, which is invisible to the naked eye (that is to say, the experience then becomes a belief).

To know the unknown is to be ignorant of the finite form that we encapsulate. To not know what you believe to know opens far more doors to possibility, which can alter and fade instantaneously.

Change is the only constant, flow through constant present or solidify into the past or float into the future.

Thank you for reading and I hope some food for thought entered your essence. If you enjoyed this post please do share it among your friends and family, subscribe to the blog to stay in tune

Sending you light through love


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