Serpendipity I remember

Worlds within worlds within worlds within a glass bowl.

Gaze within this ludicrous experiment, maybe you will feel lesser or more whole.

For it will wither and bloom, before your very eyes, just as a new dawn arises, the dusk meets its demise.

So it should be no surprise, certainly none at all, that we are challenged when our little sphere shatters and we come face to face with how minuscule we were all along.

So relief bids us peace as we acknowledge we are but mere dust in the wind.

A splatter of paint upon the canvas and a rust before we realize we are made of tin.

Yet we march on if only to satisfy the compulsion of neurosis.

For we are stuck in a comatose if we do not awaken from the dream.

Stuck on repetitive compulsions in order to satisfy our nessecary needs, repeat and repeat.

Until we see, upon the hourglass, that it was never a race to the finish, but timing down the moments until we realize what we truly do have.

For what we possess is nothing and everything, objective and subjective so to speak.

As only when we truly acknowledge our essence do we see what we are able to keep.

All that is and all that ever has been was within this present moment, indefinitely.

Chasing the future like a pack of wolves or running from the past as though we were a meteor, if simply a lesson in disguise, so that we can dissipate our fear and truly be clear.

Yet that only occurs when we halt our train and forgo the resistance.

Enter into a state of stillness, what we strive for with unknowing persistence.

Sending you Light through Love,


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