Black Magick Loves Light

To be honest it is difficult to be honest.

For to dictate a speculation of resonance without confusion would require inquiry beyond reason.

As there is a purpose, most certainly, yet it could very well be filled with irony.

For it never ends and it is never complete, searching for fools gold that was never even buried.

Yet that is the point of it all, so it seems, to become so lucid within this deception that you forget that you happen to be in the midst of a dream.

One that if you were awaken out of, would feel rather vacant.

For the only comfort that we cling to is above our eyes, a thick wool blanket.

It keeps us warm and cozy, but remove it and certainly you shall see, absolutely nothing, or so it seems.

As there is a cosmos, there is an earth, there are stories of myth and tales of rebirth, there are moments of bliss and trials through the flames, in the end all we can infer is that we do not know a single thing.

If you happen to, then the joke is on me, petty and frugal, filled with joy and that is why I am empty.

However that matters not, as I am simply regurgitating a rather unforgiving mantra, one that I learned from a ghost in the woods, that appeared to me while I was engaged in monkey chatter.

As they are constant, and then they are not, playing a tug of war with the past and the future, each rival side appears to be our thoughts.

They fade away ever so quickly if we dismiss them through strict adherence to absolute misery, as acceptance is the key first and foremost, maybe then we shall be happy.

I believe so, at the very least, that I shall engage this episode in cyberspace until I am deceased.

As dust in the wind and ashes upon the snow, I seemingly tire from the futility of it all so better buckle up and prepare for more.

As it has only just begun, so sit back and prepare for some fun.

Well, that is until iron and lightning ride the waves alongside you, then the moment of survival is about.

Then when it all settles, we can once again play, this little game of ours, I heard it was life, and if you are willing to dig a little deeper, it gets even more strange.

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