The Ship Approaching Sank

A great deal of the time, we are living through projections, projecting upon others hoping that they will meet the expectation, and that is fruitless.

For how can one taste what they wish to indulge upon, if they are merely believing there will be a peach, yet the tree the pick from happens to bear apples?

Despite what we may believe, it is an illusion, it is a lie, and we will stumble upon the truth as often as we stumble upon a gold coin on the side of the river bank, and from personal experience, that is still yet to occur.

For what I can thoroughly concur, as a singular acting out within the collective, is that I haven’t the faintest idea, when my thoughts, ideas and beliefs are inspected.

I wish they were real, I wish they were alive, but to my surprise, all of these fallacies are merely tricks of the mind.

And the trickster, that dreadful thief, will tell you many lies in disguise, lead you down barren roads and wonderful pastures to no avail other than that you are one step closer to your demise.

Alas that is the destination, is it not, to rid yourself of the endless mental barrage and merge with pure thought? That is to say that nothing resides, within your now STILL mind.

Yet I will resist for that is hardwired within myself and I am of your kind, every attempt to rid me of what I believe to be of my own design.

Afterwards succumb to the bare truth that we are empty, yet filled to the brim, ever so plenty.

As the world continues to go around and around, the same sequences recycled yet recalibrated around.

As we discovered the new world and soon we will discover a new world, and then we will seek a new world, for we can never be quelled, no, our mind needs more to play around.

As if we were to simply vanish and be, then existence would consist of nothingness and would you not agree, that I attempt to find purpose within a realm of fictions destiny, as the simple matter of the fact is that there is no end to this journey.

As a matter of fact, my beliefs are collapsed, my perspective has been subdued and for a moment my memory turns to ash, history flashes before my very eyes and I see it begins just as soon as it begins to crash; here in the moment, all is elapsed.

Then it begins once again, the clock is churning and we shall hunt the tundra to discover treasure that lays within.

Seemingly however, the jewels may no longer be intact, if you are searching for them in a realm that is never exact.

So I could write stories of horror, glory, guts and beauty,

I could engage in contemplation and examine the world before me, picking out the positive from the negative in order to invoke a changing of the guard before me,

I could tell you my perspective which is hollow and selective,

I could travel the world in search of the exotic and the respected,

I could damn the corrupt, I could shame the elite, I could predict the coming age, I could swallow the whole sea,

I could feed the hungry, wipe the tears of those that weep, I could pray for an answer, I could answer my questions intuitively,

Yet would I be write, or would I be wrong, for my beliefs are hollow bones within the graveyard of the one song.

The only one that was ever played and the only one that will ever conjure such iniquity, the only one capable of knowing that these chords and verses, as lovely and electrifying as they may sound, are truly empty.

So if you understand then please do raise your hand, for yourself alone, devise no plan, yet loosen your mind and relax your body.

Count to nothing and open your eyes to everything.

Whatever that happens to be.

Sending you Light through Love,

I’ll explain that statement, as I’ve said it for years now. All is light (photons) which build up our reality, our universe. Love is the force that holds it all together, it is the glue to our existence, without love, we have nothing. With love, we have everything. So loving light is what we aim to be in our present form, otherwise we are unaware and unconcious to the love available within and the light projected from such. Then again, that is also a perspective, so you should probably take it with a grain of salt and see if it actually resonates with you. As it resonates with me.


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