Nurtured and Poisoned

The evolution of organisms takes place within a lifetime, we simply adapt, or we crumble it seems.

This is apparent in the world of nature, in which we inherently are apart of, in fact, we may be the apex of nature, as well as the lowest form, considering we are capable of becoming absolutely everything through learning and innovating, or nothing at all, by merely being, is there a right or wrong in either state, no, in fact they may very well be the exact same.

For in the end, death will prevail, and the accomplishments of both the grandiose and the lowly are of a similar disposition, for both was necessary in order to realize the vastness that is portrayed within the human condition.

For as we rise and fall throughout the infinite cycles that is consciousness experiencing itself (we are all apart of the experiment of consciousness, a by product of it if you will, whether we are aware of that or not) we either build a structure best suited to the environment in which we are apart of (we build our ego therefore, which is the structure of the human being, in order to best accommodate the society in which we are situated within; there are many variables that attribute to the conditioning of one’s ego so that it may thrive within the society’s archetype; for example, if you are born in in America, depending on the state, you will fit into a certain archetype or be labeled an outsider. If you are born in a theocratic nation such as Iran, you will fit into an archetype or be labeled an outsider. What exactly is an outsider? It appears to be someone that is true to themselves, an explorer if you will, of the human experience that they find themselves immersed within) or we negate the concept of fitting in entirely, so that we may explore possibility.

We evolve along these lines within the realm of duality, there is always a choice, and it will be percieved by some as right and others as wrong, certainly you will never be able to please the entirety, nor will we ever truly come to an agreement as a society, for we are molded in a different manner first and foremost, and only through accepting what we ought to be are we molded into a design in which we did not in fact devise.

You see, if we wished to absolutely be at peace with the world, we would do absolutely nothing at all.

This is not to say that we would not care for ourselves and others in order to survive and even thrive, but in fact, we would cause nothing and therefore reap nothing in turn, we would simply be.

That is a problem, especially for me, whatever that happens to be, call it the ego if you will, immersed in the realm of duality, constantly calculating and expanding in order to extract meaning for an existence that shall fade before my very eyes, as each day since I was born I was evading the fact that I shall one day die.

That is it, that is the cause and drive for evolution on a societal and individual level, for those that are conscripted to the collective mindset and those that wish to break away in order to devise themselves of a “unique” substance, are one in the same in mindset, and that is, we wish to be fulfilled, for our cup is either half empty or half full, and we wish it to be full.

Thus, we fill ourselves with knowledge and skills, evolving ourselves if you will towards a more whole human being, yet it appears to me at the very least, and quite frankly this is subject to my own limited analysis involving belief, that none of us, no matter how high or mighty or low and meek, have been fulfilled, and so we continue to seek.

This drives us forth as a species, a hunger.

It is the hunger of our collective unconcious, for if we were concious of what we possessed all along, then we certainly would not have evolved to such a rapid scale. industrialization, consumerism, religions and beliefs innumberable, professions and vocations for the mere sake of processing information that means very little to existence but has everything to do with persistence, the expansion of what we are and always have been.

Then again, is that not a fallacy unto itself? For even those that appear concious are merely human beings, their words are not perfect nor are their “teachings”, they can be riddled with mere belief and personal experience so to speak, which must in turn be replicated in order for one to understand what they truly mean.

It’s happened throughout the cycle, and certainly shall continue for as long as division persists, and we have been divided since as long as we have lived.

Yet that does not have to be the case, as we can see through the illusion of me and my, so that we may partake in the next evolution.

The next evolution it seems, would be seeing through the veil of seperation. Acknowledging that Humanity, is merely a definition, we are alive and present within this finite situation, the only variables we can acknowledge are those that have occured before our eyes, devised within our mind.

That may be a belief, but maybe it shall be proved in due time. For if we were born into the woods we would be “primitive” too, but in tune with our instincts and willing to let the experience now bloom.

The long story summarized is that we are in pursuit, of absolutely nothing, yet we shall fabricate the endless story as it happens to suit, our programming and beliefs, written through each line, into this current chapter of the story, a fabrication indeed of our mind known as time, within a space that we inhabit that is the definition of comedic and tragic, for our spirits are no longer nostalgic when we acknowledge we are all of the same fabric, interwoven through a piece of art, conciousness itself.

This is a usual repetoire employed by a singular cell in order to extract meaning within heaven and hell, this dualistic realm, one that we seek to tame, by evolving and growing into something that understands both pride and shame.

I suppose it is, if nothing else, an acceptance of the complete and utter insincereity that is released now and again, a death cry, a show of resistance towards the path that is non existent.

For we are growing into nothing, yet chasing everything all the same.

If all these words were to blow away, it would be a triumph rather than a defeat.

For what is evolving in the end, certainly is not me, merely a fabrication of what is projected through me.

Is that not a comedy, within the parody of Humanity?

Sending you Light through Love

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