Two sides of a single coin

There is no easy way to live this life, it will be difficult, full of change and alteration, pain and delight.

For living within this realm means that you shall acknowledge the two sides of the coin, embracing the moonlight upon your skin just as it was the sun that kept us going.

Indeed, if we stagnate and see a flat line, become normalized to an existence that simply verifies that we are in fact uncertain, then it is all in vain.

Yet that is merely the opinion of the day.

For a confession must be made, in order to destroy the fabrication that has caught up to the author of the story.

For the forces engaged within this play absolutely verify that control is not part of the equation that adds up to you and me.

The more we feign, the more we are misled, which is why the current path is tread.

Each foot falling into the foothold of space, vanishing ever so subtly without a single trace, lost in the cosmos and that is not a disgrace.

Yet it is viewed as such by the commonplace.

For certainly if I was born in a different place, within a different body and possessing a different mind, if I had other parents who brought me into this world, if I was conditioned by a society other than mine, then these words would not exist and would prove meaningless to the individual transformed by a different perspective within space and time.

Alas, I am whom I am.

And that is not much.

Merely a projection of programming that attempts to find meaning within the rush.

Yet slowly and concealed, I stride towards a new floor, one more stable and fitting than the house that I had built before.

As within the rubble, it is clear to see, all the burnt trinkets and tinctures that had accompanied me on this journey previously.

Now I do not know, no there is no clarity, there is merely two different sections of a picture, and I don’t know which one I would rather put together, ultimately I could throw both to the fire, certainly that would allow me to feel far lighter.

As these choices and decisions, as simple as they mean seem, have no bearing within me nor anchor to fundamentally attract me.

That has to do with the fact that seemingly I have no pleasure in destruction nor motivation for creation, but the current direction of repetitive cyclical infatuation is less than a pleasant coronation.

Alas, I know what I must do, and maybe that is nothing, for by seeking something I am devaluing the present that demands presence and nurturing. I will surrender, if only to begin.

A short poem describing the tendencies of myself caught within a world that is built on duality, opposites and halves. These opposites within oneself certainly do not attract, on the contrary, they seemingly repulse and cause immense conflict within the individual. Knowing that in order to break the cycle within myself that is self replicating, I must surrender to the fact that I am not in control of anything outside of myself, which can be incredibly difficult. The thing is, I am neither good nor evil, I am human. This is acceptance, this is non duality, this is nothing. If I were to embrace such a concept, then I wouldn’t exist, meaning my ego would be rendered into nothingness, and existence would simply persist. That is a concept I have not yet been able to digest. So expressing this dichotomy presently before me is what I shall do instead. As going from one extremity to the next is no longer a viable option, for it is playing pretend, in a world that I do not understand, nonetheless, I will do my best to make amends, with those that have come before me, and those whom I have interacted with, to ensure that the future will not be a product of experiences that have occurred before. I accept myself, I do indeed, which means that the process of integration with who I ought to be, should run rather smoothly.

Sending you Light through Love,


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