Rabble and Rubble

It’s already been said, quite frankly.

Merely additions to the same rabble that is replicated endlessly throughout the epochs of time.

And that is what keeps us going, more rabble, more rubble, more reverberations, all of the vibrations.

Formless is given form through the art of direct intent.

Intention and manifestation, together forming the magic that permeates throughout this nightmarish wonderland that we inhabit, descending further into madness and it rising further into order, rubble, rabble, reverberations.

It’s leading somewhere, or at the very least, that is what we are lead to believe, and orchestrated meltdown to surpass all records of records within the confines of the collective mind.

Interestingly enough, the tug of war seems to never have a winner, for the invisible wall that no ones talks about keeps pushing the concept of a decisive victor 10 steps back, once more recalculating the equation to a state of equilibrium.

A question arises in the form of rabble, why is it that our own disposition, under the illusion of unique identity, seems to be just as equalized when all variables are taken into consideration.

Maybe it’s just debts being paid, and debts accumulating, in the form of rabble and rubble, that is merely fading away, as quickly as it appears ever so suddenly.

For there are no controlling mechanisms within this soliloquy, no, we are subject to an experiment of immense and infinite stature, incomprehensible, so why even chase the white rabbit to begin with? It’ll only lead you right back here, to rabble, and most certainly, to rubble.

Sending you Light through Love,


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