Repeat, Under, Over

Honestly, I’d rather stay out of it.

Out of the world, that is seemingly constantly conflating and erupting in one way or another.

Sometimes, the megaphones blast the occurrences en masses, while other times, in exceptionally horrific situations, silence is all that comes to pass.

We search for equality when in reality, we are out of balance, so how could we possibly ever attain equilibrium, if we ourselves are swinging upon a pendulum, constantly swaying left and right, enacting differences to sprout and grow into either a flower or vine, something we admire or are ensnared within.

However, considering I am a part of this equation, if anything, I cannot help but acknowledge the micro within the macro, for what is occurring in the outside world is most certainly occurring within as well, and that should incite inspection at the very least.

Should I unconsciously be swept up into the madness that is myself or on the contrary, should I analyze the root of this chaos and attempt to alleviate it, thus inviting order to manifest within a singular to the effect that it may in fact ripple throughout the collective, a slight dream of fantasy, but a possibility, nonetheless.

Considering the cyclical aspect of this world is repetitive and the cyclical nature of the individual is in turn, we must therefore be willing to break cycles, in order to enact change and therefore bring about a new beginning, a changing of the guard if you will.

Certainly, it should be acknowledged that Human beings, speaking from experience and perspective, base their lives upon repetition complexes, we as a species do in fact, base our history and present, and therefore our future, upon repetition complexes.

We know what we do out of habitual circumstances that we have been programmed within since our own inception and we therefore perceive our programming as reality, it becomes our beliefs, it is difficult to shatter our beliefs because in turn, we shatter our identity, which is our ego, and we have collective egos within culture, nation, race, religion, as well, and if these beliefs are challenged, we no longer have validity in our actions and thoughts that we previously enforced by such beliefs.

Indeed, in order to alter our extreme stances, which are typically reinforced unconsciously by the laws of duality (other, alternate, different) we must literally shatter our beliefs entirely, so that we do not simply cling to a new directive once we dissolve our previous, thus we become non dual, we no longer possess beliefs therefore we cannot judge ourselves nor the world or those others within it, as it is all integrally apart of the totality that we ourselves encapsulate in turn.

If we wish to not repeat the same complexes that have plagued us individually and collectively throughout history up until this moment, then we must discover the root, accept, forgive and release it, so that a new beginning may unfold.

Madness it seems, prevails in the white noise of the unconscious, the silence invokes one to conceptualize and actualize, plan and prevail, consciousness entails.

Who knows what is held in the cards, for fate is something locked behind the veil, glimpsing us all in the eye from the depths of the one who is one the opposite of the hand we have been dealt.

We choose, or we do not. Indecisive decisions, indeed, they are of the same ilk.

Sending you Light through Love,


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