Information Programming

As above so below.

Such a statement certainly directly correlates to our reality on the micro and is in turn expressed in the macro without a doubt.

In fact, our thoughts create our reality, mind over matter is reiterated by many as a mantra with good reason.

For the mind is above whereas the body is below, simply living through our own perspective which is reinforced, in fact, it is determined by our beliefs, which are molded in turn through our own individual direct experience and influenced by secondary sources.

Before we get too carried away, let’s make a statement.

The world unto itself at this moment is in a rather tumultuous state of affairs, considering we as individuals and collectively, as communities and nations dictate the state of the world through free will (that is to say, we are capable of interfering and altering the natural order of reality that we are interwoven within, or living in harmony with it), that is a direct expression of ourselves in turn, which is why I, am feeling as though I do in turn, chaotic and drained (by chaotic I am referring to uncertain and divided).

This is to say, that the state of the world directly correlates to as I as an individual feel emotionally and physically, if I was not receptive to the constant bombardment of information swirling around me as a member of the western hemisphere within the 21st century, then I probably would be feeling in harmony, as it is, I am the latter.

This is merely an analysis upon how our thoughts create our reality, how information makes up the universe, and how human beings are essentially conduits for said information as well as the programmers for information which in turn leads to executable actions, as commands, which are information, are eventually undertaken.

The statement as above, so below was quoted by Hermes Thrice Great, an ancient leader of the Egyptian world steeped in mysticism and occultism, the quote has many esoteric meanings but for me it is in reference to the mental and physical realms, and how the spiritual is the directive behind these two guiding principles that allow us to interact with this reality that we occupy.

Essentially, the spirit is the writer, the mind is the words, the book is the physical, it takes a writer to express themselves linguistically within a physical space in order to address an idea or a concept.

Therefore, our spirit is guiding our mind, whether we are concious of it or not, in writing the script of the play that is unfolding before us.

As above, in reference to our thoughts, so below, in reference to how our thoughts are made manifest in this reality.

Therefore, our thoughts are creating our reality because we are acting through them in pursuit of the satisfaction of manifesting whatever it is we believe into this reality.

Are our thoughts our own, however, or are we merely conduits for a collective consciousness that is constantly divulging new information as it unfolds consequently as we as a species seem to evolve through the ages, in turn, if we are merely the product of our thoughts, then is it rather simple to control human beings.

If you are able to control the information that they are digesting and in turn regurgitating, would you be able to control the story if you were able to control the vocabulary that the writer has access to (in regards to the writer as the spirit, the mental as the words, and the story as the incarnation manifest within reality).

Considering everything before us within the physical universe is objectified and built to the manifest and able to be stripped down to the barest component at a quantum level, it would be fair to say that the universe is made up of information, how we as concious beings categorize said information is within our own discretion, or more so, progression, as we are constantly unraveling this great mystery to discover more… information.

This is to state that the human being is a creator within creation, and once concious of that is capable of bending reality before them, only capable if doing so if they themselves are aware of this, and have a steady flow of information upgrading them to better understand their ever changing environment.

In essence, the mind is constantly analyzing, interpreting and acknowledging new waves of information as it is discovered within reality, if the information is digested and accepted, it becomes a part of the individuals perspective and belief system, which in turn form their reality, which in turn forms their existence.

Therefore, if we are not critically analyzing the endless amounts of information that is being projected towards us by media, friends, strangers and all of the other secondary sources that we have not directly experienced and understand to be true, then we are being programmed with the beliefs and objectives of others, therefore surrendering our free will, therefore surrending our reality.

There is a strange characteristic about human nature, it is drawn to the dark, the primal, the collective, whether that happens to be fact or fiction, it has a magnetic pull on us.

In times where there is an endless and infinite wave of information bombarding us, it is more important than ever before to really be cautious in regards to what you are accepting into your operating system which will in turn alter your beliefs and perspective.

The media is owned by power with an agenda. People can say whatever the fuck they would like online. Everyone has an opinion, certainly I do.

Just acknowledge that you are creating the world before you, as an individual making up a collective, your thoughts are creating your reality, as above so below.

We are merely empty vessels waiting to be filled with information that becomes our beliefs, perspective and identity, if we are not willing to determine and develop our own code upon our own initiative.

We are influenced beyond measure on a day to day basis, our thoughts are rarely our own, this is something I’ve had to accept so that I could determine fact from fiction.

This is food for thought. Don’t take anything I say literally. However, do allow it to spark the inquisitive nature inherent within all human beings, question everything and determine your own conclusion by your own initiative and discretion.

Writing words to make sense of it all, this is what I tend to do. If you enjoy my work, follow the blog to stay in tune with new posts.

Sending you light through love,


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