Repetitive Persistence

Repetition, discipline, expansion, these three traits in unison lead to evolution and allow an individual to improve in any skill, as long as they are consistently applying themselves through practice and direct experience.

In order, you must be disciplined in order to apply repetition, and through repetitive practice, your skill set will expand and broaden, thus evolving the individual in their art.

Practice is a hypothetical scenario, practice is learning, practice is studying, direct experience is where you apply the practice in order to demonstrate that you have in fact developed yourself further than before.

Life is a challenge, human beings thrive (or break) under pressure, we all have innate skills and abilities endowed within ourselves, however, they will quickly fade away until they are forgotten entirely by the individual if they are not honed consistently.

This leads to the first obstacle, discovering purpose, then following through with fulfilling your purpose, as this is a challenge, it requires one to be aware of their gift, and also, to develop their gift.

I believe this is incredibly troubling for many Humans, as on one hand society tells them to develop their gifts, and on the other hand, they are told they will never achieve if they happen to pursue their gifts, the answer for Humans then falls into a grey area, one that they alone can determine internally, as our direct experience through intuition is certainly a focal primary source for information, far more aligned with the individual than others, such a secondary sources.

Thus, it is to be acknowledged that you have a gift, I have a gift, he and she both have a gift, everyone is designed for a purpose, and is capable of achieving this purpose, as long as they are willing to pursue it no matter how challenging it may be.

When we accept the challenge of accepting ourselves and pursuing our purpose until we ourselves fade away from the annals of time, the only way we are capable of accomplishing the feat that we seek is by developing ourselves to a higher degree of mastery, more and more, each and every day.

For, despite the fact that we may be gifted, if we are lazy, those who are consistent will quickly overcome us in our capabilities.

Therefore, once our gift is known, once our purpose is understood, once we have accepted the challenge of being an individualized human being, we must allow ourselves to evolve, we do so by disciplining ourselves to embrace the struggle, by repetitively practicing our passion and skills consistently so that they will expand and we in turn, will evolve.

Life is what happens while we are busy making plans, as quoted by the brilliant John Lennon, it will be over before we know it, and if we do not follow through with the natural course of our own lives, embracing our own humanity and therefore offering it to humanity in turn, then we shall pass away in vain, sealing the genie in the bottle, without relinquishing the magic within outside to the world.

There is always more to be done, yes, but acknowledge what must be done, and start from there.

This stems from my own inadequacy, for I am constantly in pursuit of my goals and elevating my gifts, but my priorities at times are varied.

I’m not in control I suppose, the more I believe myself to be, the less capable I am of enter the flow state and pursuing my heart.

Always remember who you are, I’ll do my best to never forget who I am, that takes discipline though, consistent repetitive reinforcement, and the willingness to expand, change, alter, and evolve. Life, what a strange game it is.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, keep on keeping on, it will get better, and if it’s already good, it shall become excellent.

Sending you Light through Love,


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