Dissolving Nothing

A master shape shifter and manipulator, whose primary focus is the object of possession, it is clear at times that the human mind will do whatever it takes to remain the focal point of our soul existence, and that makes sense does it not?

For our mind represents our personality, our beliefs, our perspective, the entire plethora of fabrications that essentially make up our individual existence within the human experience, is encompassed within the mental state, or so we are led to believe ever so often.

Indeed, we are defined by that which we know, at the very least, I am, I can’t speak for anyone else, but this seems to be a common theme throughout humanity.

Defined by what we believe we know, nonetheless, and constantly reinforced by expanding upon the base of what we believe we know, further cementing our perspective and developing a belief system that subjugates the human being to a linear frame of mind that aligns with themselves, for if it were to be shattered into nothingness, then the ego would be that of a child, pure simple and empty, waiting to be filled by the infinite information waiting to be downloaded at your discretion, and all too often, not at your discretion as well.

As a result of the mind’s need to constantly be in charge of the human construct, it is rare that we actually drop the role that we, as highly skilled actors within this grand play, have developed so that we may witness the essence underneath, the essence of spirit, and what is spirit?

That which underlies all of existence, that which formulates and dictates the human experience in order to learn from it, that which is beyond the game that we play known as life, for it is the observer per say, where as the mind, is most certainly the player, that which allows you to engage in life itself and expand and contract within it in turn.

This is of course, simply a belief, as I have no scientific backing to verify that I am spirit, nor that you are, however, it is a belief as it allows me to have faith in a greater reasoning for this lifetime, rather than the reality, that could very well be it, that we are merely flesh automatons programmed to absorb information and expand upon it before we fade out into a black abyss- I find that absolutely bleak, and prefer my belief in turn.

Indeed however, throughout life we are attaching, detaching, searching, finding, rinsing and repeating, a different way to cope with our existence, and our mind finds meaning in everything so that it does not resolve to nothing. I just finished a gong. 100 days of practice or abstaining.

I chose abstaining from specific substances because I have an addictive personality and this has plagued me greatly throughout most of my life.

I realized that I within altered states, my thoughts would become abstract and more open, which allowed me to access ideas and concepts that would very well evade me in a state of clarity, in effect, these substances allowed me to avoid my reality, my underlying emotional tribulations, issues of my friends and family, work problems, really everything in life that I didn’t want to face up to, was effectively numbed and lessened through this substance use.

My mind understood this, latched onto the label of artist, which furthermore cemented my addictive personality, as the artistic archetype is represented as a user of drugs, unstable emotionally, and out of touch with reality.

Your thoughts create your reality, and your actions are physical manifestations of your intentions, your intention is mental will acknowledged and acted upon.

Now, within a state of clarity and non attachment, I recognize that I was actually…. an asshole (that shouldn’t be a surprise).

Yes, there are many things that I don’t like about myself and that I am working on, but only now am I aware of this.

This is all meant to intertwine, I am no trying to go off on a tangent, in fact, this is merely an example, of the manipulative mind that shape shifts in accordance to justify it’s existence.

Indeed, everything I do is typically reinforcing of my beliefs, perspective and mentality, it will change over this lifetime, drastically in fact I can imagine, as the only constant in life is change, but in order to exist within this world, our ego most always maintain the illusion of control, whereas in fact, we aren’t in control, to a very large degree.

I mean, I can control aspects of myself, that are controlled by my beliefs and perspective, that have been programmed into me by the information I have access to, which is quite broad and diverse, considering I am a product of the 21st century of humankind.

So, that is that, this is the analysis and conclusion I have come to, that of the mind constantly molding itself to the information it has received, in the vain attempt to create something so that it does not have to acknowledge that it is in fact, nothing. Care to do some more studying?

Sending you Light through Love,


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