Up and Down

Overcoming the greatest adversary, your own shadow, is the greatest triumph for any human being.

Indeed, it is our purpose to challenge ourselves through overcoming the obstacles placed before us.

We are thrust into the world, typically unaware and unconscious of our faults and gifts, in other words, our strengths and weaknesses are not known to us initially, only through the process of experimentation can we discover the pros and cons of ourselves.

Through experience we become the explorers of our own life, through becoming aware of ourselves we begin the process of becoming an alchemist.

An alchemist is an individual engaged in the art of alchemy, in short, the art of transformation, we discover the darkness within ourselves, acknowledge it, and transform it into light, darkness is our weakness, by understanding and exploring this weakness we can, if we are diligent, turn it into a strength, it can become a strength in fact, merely by not doing it, as replicating a fallacy or weakness is the same as the definition of insanity, which is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.

In turn, we can further transmute our strengths into more polished skills and gifts that we can bring from our inner world into the outer world of reality, after all, sharing is caring.

The thing is, we are our greatest adversary and our greatest ally, considering we are human beings, encapsulated in a realm of duality, hence, why we have strengths and weaknesses to begin with, and in turn we are challenged to overcome ourselves so that we may truly be ourselves.

Indeed, the adversary, our enemy, wishes to focus solely on our faults, our weaknesses, and exploit us into a state of victim hood.

Believing our weaknesses are too prominent for us shine through vibrantly with our innate strengths, we can easily become discouraged and settle for far less than what we are capable of achieving, and ultimately, as corny as it may sound, we are capable of achieving what we put our minds to.

Inherently, I write about the concept of the adversity within conflicting with the hero within, for I am a human being engaged in the war of my life on a near daily basis, a battle i can imagine many of you are all too familiar with; the question remains, how exactly do we at last overcome the challenges of uncertainty associated with our weaknesses and at last embrace our strengths, while being aware of our weaknesses, so that we may lead a meaningful and ultimately, happy life?

I believe the answer lies within us, and must be fought for, tooth and nail, each and every day, in order to be discovered, we do so by truly embracing the present moment, accepting our life as it is and pushing ourselves to truly make the most of the beautiful and all too often, chaotic life that we possess, for a finite period of time.

In essence, I don’t have the answer for myself, I am working on that by doing my best to not run from my shadow, my adversity, my weaknesses and faults, myself, but on the contrary, by embracing, acknowledging and integrating these aspects of myself as a total being within the realm of duality so that I may indeed represent myself truly, so that I may live in truth with others, most importantly the one in the mirror.

You can lie to others, however you are only ever lying to yourself, the more you lie, the more you live a lie, and become ever so entangled within Maya that you can no longer differentiate fact from fiction.

Just some food for thought, as per usual. Honesty and integrity, those are two traits that will take you very far in the process of overcoming the greatest adversary, ourselves, for afterwards, it becomes easier to identify the fallacies others project, and it’s easier to live a life knowing at the end of it that at the very least you were living in truth.

Appreciate you all.

Sending you Light through Love,


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