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Operating at an optimal level is what human beings aim towards if they wish to thrive in an increasingly difficult environment.

Optimal is the sense that one is at a peak of their utilization in regards to their physical, mental and spiritual faculties.

Physical in regards to your movement and strength, how you feel throughout the day, how your energy levels are maintained.

Mental in the sense of ideas and thoughts being formulated and addressed and in turn executed.

Spiritual in regards to your faith and belief systems, how you treat yourself and others.

Really though, this could very well be another mental purge on my behalf, because I believe in order for me to be optimal, I must follow a habitual pattern in order to provoke a higher sense of value for myself, this is flawed, and beliefs are meant to be stripped so that they may alter.

Indeed, I could go on to tell you all about human optimization, its importance and why it is sought after, but in reality, it would be bullshit, because alot of people could care less about becoming an evolved version of themselves through stacking positive habits and developing skills that they are passionate about while becoming stronger physically and more hardly spiritually.

Indeed, the truth is, I do care about optimization, but I also struggle with not giving a fuck about myself.

Days where I struggle with taking on the responsibilities and challenges of the higher self calling within to henceforth truly fulfill my purpose, whatever that happens to be, and others where I struggle with not indulging hedonistically and hurling myself into an active volcano.

Yeah, that’s just the way it is.

Since I’ve been manifest on this planet for 23 years, I better simply accept the fact that the highs and lows of this experience, of all experiences, never end.

In fact, the better it gets in life, the higher the probability it is that it will in fact, get worse.

That is to say, the higher you climb, the longer the fall down can be, if you are used to falling, then the descent of oneself is familiar and not as harrowing as it could be, similar with the ascent in turn.

So in fact, optimization becomes objective and subjective, objective in the sense that it is on all humans minds, consciously or unconciously and subjective in the sense that it differs for each and every human experience.

It is however simple to say, that it is a challenge, nd we human beings live for challenges, why else would we keep creating them in our lives on a micro and macro scale?

Obviously because that’s how we grow, and shrink, both proving as valuable teachings and lessons.

Indeed optimization comes from understanding the ebbs and flows of the individual that you yourself are, mastering your strengths and accepting your weaknesses, and really just accepting reality for that which it is.

You certainly can’t alter your reality until you understand yourself, when you understand yourself and your place within reality, then you can go about altering your reality.

Certainly this requires the humility to recognize one fallacies and the strength to acknowledge ones truths, and to embrace these dual states to bring about equilibrium within the human being.

It’s always of importance for us to take charge and fulfill ourselves, but that requires immense work and dedication, something I have certainly not mastered yet, maybe in due time.

Acknowledge the inherent potential rather than believing yourself to be credentials, rise above the hole it is ever so easy to get lost in, I’m saying this as much to myself as I am to you.

Really though, most days I just write because the character that I am is still immensely attached to this art, and it allows me to decipher and declutter the maelstrom within, it allows me to further optimize a skill and release a burden.

Inherently, this is all a part of a script, one in which the silly and unknowing man at last recognizes his errors, corrects them, and lives up to his potential, optimizing his present so that he does not destroy his future, indeed, creation or destruction, I will always choose to create, until the day I die.

Sending you Light through Love,


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