The Sharp and Dull

Construction and demolition go hand in hand, developing the latest idea that the mind has conjured and seeing it manifest in physical reality is quite satisfying, and then, once the latest idea is no longer of the times or deemed necessary, it must undergo demolition so that the new may replace the old.

Whether that is a positive or a negative is entirely based on one’s perspective, however, it is change, and that is constant.

The architect of our mind is well acquainted with the chief demolitionist, they work hand in hand throughout the process, and they also are very much involved with the resident, the one that moves in once the architect has directed the completion of the new construct.

This is to say that we identify with various mental blueprints that are universal in nature, at times they were developed by other Beings and at times these thoughts and ideas come to us, as though a signal was directed towards the antenna of our consciousness and we just so happened to pick up the latest and greatest idea.

When our ego, who is the creator and destroyer, identifies a new objective, it follows through with it in order to create a new state, a new identity, so that it does not become nothing, as in fact, the ego is nothing, but it creates everything, just as it destroys it.

The soul, the immortal essence, the power source per say to experience consciousness, is the witness to the human experience, but typically it is not in control.

In fact, it is never in control, rarely are we ever in control, typically we are acting out programming, beliefs, and desires, unconsciously in that regard.

Currently I am coming out of a very long and deeply rooted act, one in which I as a concrete character repeat the script that I am all too familiar with, the script that defines my beliefs and perspective and has been written consistently throughout my human experience.

The process of destruction has begun, just as the process of construction was completed, the witness within acknowledges the lessons that have occurred throughout the construction period, but the final product could still certainly use some work, therefore it is time to tear it all down.

That way the overall blueprint can be articulated and expanded upon, it can evolve it a more whole rendition of the soul’s expression through the human experience it has undertaken.

Don’t be afraid of the destruction, creation can only occur for so long before the walls and barriers that we have put up must be torn down so that it can be built back up with some influence from the inner and outer worlds that we had not been able to fully appreciate, as we had been boxed in by the latest project.

Ultimately, the nothing within becomes something no matter what, it always has and always will, otherwise the experience can be empty, and sure, an empty experience may bring peace, as there is nothing there, but as human beings, capable of expression and emotional input and output, is it not our birthright to feel, see, taste, touch and hear that which is offered upon the plane we inhabit as long as it is within moral reason and for the betterment of understanding?

Sending you Light through Love,


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