Nefarious Fox Holes

The playing field of life is always tipping towards a new point, balance and imbalance, there are always opposites that connect to a whole, and the opposing forces refuse to acknowledge the inherent unity underlying the core issue, as if they were to do so, then in fact the entire conflict, or point of interest would be rendered obsolete.

The players of the board would then be forced to search for a new pursuit to latch on to, rather than acknowledge the futility of latching on to something outside of yourself to begin with.

Indeed, if you are not picking a side, it seems, that you have picked a side.

By not engaging in the play of life as an allocated actor performing a specific role, you are merely spectating, and it is a sin to merely spectate, after all, look at the comedic tragedy unfolding before thee, wouldn’t you say engaging in some drama in effort to understand the spectacle that is occurring around you is worth further investigation?

Certainly, and without a doubt, that is what draws us to a human experience, the turbulence of chaos and the stillness of order, the good and the bad, all wrapped into a single gift known as life, and we happen to be in the process of still opening the box, trying to find the “treasure” within the box… perhaps indeed the gift is just that, the box, and the box is indeed life.

Certainly, the box is life, the contents are determined by your own perception and beliefs, which form due to direct experience as well as secondary experience, in which you are exposed to information from a source that claims to have experienced it directly.

Constantly shaking and formulating new content within the box, we come across others whose gift they believe we happen to need, and so we are thrust into the engagement of demonstrating our allegiance to ideologies and philosophies that within our own hemisphere have no meaning.

Yet they will be defined, thoroughly and vigorously in order to impose new concepts and ideas into the collective mindset so that they are embraced and understood with “familiarity”, however, if these sudden formulations beforehand were never composed within the individual, then they are being programmed into thee externally, and that, as with everything else in life, should be taken lightly and certainly with a grain of salt, before they are considered from all angles critically.

As we know not we should involve ourselves within, as we can meld into a form like melting butter, only to have a taste directly of the new reality set in stone.

Ultimately, to get caught up in the affairs of our mortality in order to invite a sense of normalcy through complacency or to see the puzzle for what it appears to be, a constant influx of instability followed by periods of stability until the cycle is broken indefinitely and you remain as you were and always have been, a representation of pure possibility, well indeed, that remains to be seen.

As it do for you, and me, and all of humanity, what shall we leave behind on a micro and macro scale, express indeed what you hold deep within or indeed, forever hold your peace.

Have yourself a beautiful moment, accept it for what it is, and be grateful that we have this, which is nothing and everything.

Sending you Light through Love,


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