Take a moment to look outside

The world is an experiment, within a macro scope and microscope, we are able to identify and archive the various states and conditions that is offered by the diverse and robust collective organism known as Humanity.

Humanity is an intelligent and emotional bipedal hominid that lives within a state of perception known as duality.

Intelligence allows them to think, formulate, articulate, innovate and create, the ideas and concepts that arrive to them from the unconscious.

Emotion allows them to connect to the present in a wide array of states depending on the action that inhibited a response to begin with.

Bipedal meaning we walk and run on two feet and utilize our hands to innovate, create, feed, fight etc. Hominids standing for the lineage we derive our ancestry and evolution from, as a species.

Duality is the state of being that Humans are encapsulated within which enables them to separate and label anything and everything they encounter as positive and negative, known and unknown.

So, Human beings on a micro scale are quite complicated, on a macro scale they are quite complicated, however, we do seem to act in a cyclical manner, we are repetitive and predictable for the most part, because we build identities, whether they be individual in nature or tribal, that seem to perpetuate the cycle of that which they have come to represent.

All of that to say, an interesting creator/destroyer species called human beings lives on planet earth in the milky way galaxy, they create a world around them on a micro level as individuals and then conglomerate together to create the world around them as societies, we shape and alter our reality based on our will, what we are passionate about and what we seek to achieve.

On a micro scale, our world revolves completely around ourselves until we experience/mature enough to acknowledge that we are part of a much larger organism and must in fact act in respect to the betterment of the collective, rather than the singular, when we at last embrace the collective we acknowledge that there is far more occurring on the grander scale of things that we would not have fathomed or considered possible had we not witnessed/experienced it first hand.

Our experience is the micro aspect of the macro, a single human beings is like a stone in the road from the beginning to the end of infinite consciousness, it don’t see much outside of the single step it undertakes before it is blinked out of existence to be replaced by another who will take the step forward, and it rinses and repeats in this manner.

So if an individual is consumed by their own portion of the collective because they are isolated and not familiar with the journey they are embarking towards, the story of humanity it seems, that we have collectively written throughout time, which is recorded (factually and fictionally it seems), then they will unconsciously contribute to ideas, movements and philosophies that they otherwise would have opposed or remained neutral from, had they had the capacity of acknowledging what they are indeed supporting the creation of.

This is to say that if we don’t know our past on an individual level, then we will replicate it unconsciously throughout our minuscule lives, it is also to say that if we don’t know our own history then we are in fact contributing towards a future that may not align with who we are as Human beings.

I find this so important, realizing that we are an experiment on a micro scale, that must be solved through becoming conscious of the purpose of the experiment, and the purpose is to awaken to the experiment so that you may participate in the larger experiment, that of the collective.

The only way to create change is to embody it, be fueled by your own passion and knowledge so that you may participate within the ever altering reality we inhabit, and this can only be done by seeing yourself for whom you are, your errors and successes, your strengths and witnesses, your ancestry and lineage, where you come from and where you are headed towards is one and the same, for that is the blueprint of your specific human archetype.

In this day and age of obscure uncertainty, robotic assimilation, and fear of reprisal, we must begin to actually look ourselves in the mirror and ask, “am I proud of what I am and what I am supporting?”, if the answer is yes, then great.

If it is a resounding no, then it may be time to do some deep introspection and detection in order to analyze what you represent so that you may rectify what you shall become.

As if we do not truly begin to stand for our freedoms, our rights and our beliefs, no matter if they are not supported by the majority and mainstream, then we shall find ourselves kneeling beside those whom too, chose to remain ignorant and opinionated.

There is the individual, there is the collective, it takes an individual to change the direction of the collective, and it takes a collective to change the direction of the individual, we either break free from the social conditioning and programming that denies us our individuality and critical thinking so that we may realize that what is going on all around us is not symbiotic, it is outright cancerous and must be rectified in order for the planet to flourish once again, or on the opposite, we keep our heads down, and allow the world to be carried on into a direction that we are co authoring, by not acting within.

The human spirit it seems, is dying, it is suffering, it is under perpetual distress, and as a result, our planet too, all the animals, plants and organisms that share this beautiful space with us, is dying as well.

This is because we are not conscious of what we have become, and what we are doing, on a micro scale we as individuals are forced, or at least, we believe, that we must find a place within this mechanized and robotic society that seeks to empower a minority of greedy, lust driven, hateful, parasitic individuals, who fear more than anything, the majority awakening to their true potential and realizing that they have been sleep walking their entire lives through a lucid dream that is calling for their help!

No, that is not our place, our place to remain true to whom we are and whom we represent, we must certainly step into our own power as individuals so that together, with persistence and devotion, we may alter the collective, so that our children and grandchildren can occupy a planet and place in time that they are proud of, ready to defend, and honored to call their own.

I fall asleep from time to time in this nightmare, believing it to be my reality, but it is not and it never will be, this world will change, for the better or for the worse, that is our decision, however, if we don’t begin to come to our senses, realize that there is far more at play in the world around us that can only be rectified and healed if we demand that it be so, ultimately, all the power that ever was or ever will be is here now.

It’s time that we acknowledge our own power, stepped into it, and start putting it to good use.

I wish I knew how to truly optimize a human being so that they could stay within their flow and in pursuit of their passion and invigorated to make a change in the world through a positive outlet, but in all honesty as I’ve said before, I don’t even know how to optimize myself.

What I know is that self respect, self love, self mastery, really taking care of yourself first, is the only way you will truly be able to be of service in the long run.

Self respect means you cherish and nourish the individual you are, the principles and morals you stand for.

Self love means that you appreciate and care for your mind and body and seek empowerment rather than demoralization.

Self mastery means you are in pursuit of refining yourself and your skills as a human being constantly.

This is a friendly reminder that it’s a big world, and we are very small components of it, however, we are integrally apart of this world and everything within it, our actions and our words define who and what we are becoming, and have a ripple effect within the collective. Spread Love, spread Truth, spread Peace, it isn’t easy, I struggle with it on a daily basis, however, you get what you put in, and that means there is no reason to complain about the current disposition we happen to find ourselves within.

If you enjoy my work, follow the blog to stay updated. Feel free to message me to converse of the times and such.

Sending you Light through Love,


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