Never lose track of the path

The journey, life’s ultimate test in fact is the quest that demands little to no rest if you intend on overcoming the fragility of the self which can shatter at any given moment.

Indeed we are all embarking upon our own individual journey, each and every moment and each and every day, developing and constructing an illusion in order to understand the meaning of conciousness guiding itself ever so blindly.

For we go down a path, seemingly one that is our own, so that we may return to a state of equilibrium, so that we may grasp the concept of home, a place where we are no longer obliged to play charades and keep up with the game, that we have devised concisely so that we may be led astray, after all this is not a linear journey, there is always the possibility that we shall be led astray.

It seems that is an occurence all too often, when we are on the track of our purpose but our desires lead us into the wild, where we are reintroduced to the fallacies and illusions, that constitute a lack of commitment to fulfill our own resolution.

For the solution to the equation of each and every experience, is to take hold of the light of truth and be willing to enlighten the mental cavern of ignorance, where we will falter most certainly if we are stumbling without any knowledge of where we happen to be and how we shall find our way out of this.

Indeed, we must become capable of tracking and keeping hot on the pursuit, for the only way we shall instigate a metamorphis, a true transformation, is if we are willing to tread the path until we no longer know what to do.

For it is then, in the unknown, that we shall discover a new way, one that will allow us to bring ourselves once more back to the surface with clarity, rather than wandering within an abyss aimlessly.

As whenever we tread off the path, we discover a new piece of information that shall aid us in the journey henceforth, destroying the solid in order to flow like water and develop new attributes and variables that will solidify into a product that is more whole to this new.

Indeed, every time the individual loses themselves, they will rediscover themselves and acknowledge that without the opportunity to destroy everything they have built, there will be no shame nor guilt, so why then should they not simply lose themselves in nihilism and shameful sin?

For why win if you are not able to lose, how is life worth living if there is not the option of a noose, why is there hunger that must be satisfied, either of the mind, body, or spirit, we are designed to survive, and we must do so in a maze that wishes to devour the seeker, the one that shall push themselves to the limit so that they may feel each day, less weaker.

Certainly there is always a time and a place, but only once you relinquish your control of fate may you dive into the journey that will send you beyond imagination’s gate, for you will lose control but gain fluidity, you will lose the thrill of the hunt but attain harmony, you will dissolve your fear and at last taste courage, but only if you are willing to lose yourself in the thick of the forest into order to discover the path once more, where you have started your voyage.

We are all a unique manifestation, a part of the natural law of creation in which we are a fabrication designed to fulfill a specific order within the universal simulation.

Bound by nothing other than the ghost within the machine, which will possess the vessel and lead it very far from it’s original course if it is left to it’s own undertakings.

The real question is, have you tapped in to the path that you are meant to follow? If you are certain you have but still feel rather uncertain and hollow, then perhaps it is time to examine and analyze where in fact you lost track of the matter of the fact that the journey is losing yourself in order to discover what you still happen to lack.

Enjoy your day, thank you for reading, follow the blog to stay in tune.

Sending you Light through Love,


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