Intolerant Stillness

Each and every encounter is a stop light upon the path of life, forming an alternate route, an alternate direction, leading to the same destination inevitably, but upon a different course that we are willing to partake by participating in the subsequent experience that evolves from the initial encounter.

This correlates primarily in this respect, to relationships, whether they be of a human, natural, intellectual, philosophical, nature, each and every relationship begins from an encounter that then actively progresses into what it means to you, as an individual and participant within the melding of you and an idea or another individual, usually the two are the same.

Through each relationship, each experience, we grow and learn, in order to evolve, at least, that is the objective of each encounter.

The directive is seemingly to nudge us along a path that will be the most beneficial to ourselves and other, as in, the more capable and skillful we are through growing, the more useful we will be to ourselves and others, that’s important within a physical reality that we must survive, and eventually, thrive within.

If we are open to growth, then the opportunity to connect with other humans (whether that is a familial, romantic, social or professional capacity), to connect to nature (whether that be through observation, drawing, directly engaging through hiking or swimming), to connect with ideas and beliefs, is boundless and limitless, the trick is once we have absorbed new information that alters our perception of reality, are we going to learn from the upload, or merely discard it?

This is a conflict, one that challenges the human soul on the most fundamental level, the duality of positive and negative growth, the blooming or decaying specimen that is shaped by it’s environment and encounters.

it seems, if left to the natural order, that plant, animal, insect, all life forms despite their deep interconnection and interdependence upon one another, form an overall and symbiotic relationship that grows, decays and adjusts despite disruption from human beings.

That is the relationship that we have between nature, a choice, the unnatural ability to be unnatural from it’s environment in the complete sense, to be disconnected from a connection that forms all of existence on a fundamental level, that is the relationship with nature, and considering human beings are a microcosm of the macrocosm of humanity, the time to form a relationship with ourselves, therefore humanity at last coming to peace with itself, correlates with our inability to come to peace with nature.

Our inner world reflects our outer world in many different different ways, as if we are suffering internally then that affects our ability to cope with the outer world in an effective manner, as we will feel out of touch with our own hearts and that will reflect in how we emphasize with others emotions in turn.

It will also also us to redirect our fear and uncertainty onto others as well, as we are not willing to face the source of these personal issues because it takes courage to begin realizing that which you can’t accept in others is inherently within yourself.

Maybe above all else it allows us to disassociate with the beauty of the world around us as separate entities that are easily dismissed rather than a vast, connected web of life that is dependent on symbiosis and coexistence in order to maintain equilibrium, that which supports the existence of this state of consciousness as we know it.

The beginning of everything throughout the universe is recognizing the connection that we feel naturally pulled to between life itself, there is no separation between the world around us and the world within us, we are merely aware of both, and can either choose to control or flow within this lifetime.

Clearly, humanity, both on a micro and macro scale is at a critical point in it’s progression and evolution as a species and is at direct odds with the world around it to a very large scale, indeed it seems to be at great odds with itself to this day considering the conflict and.

In correlation, I feel uncertain and at times incapable of truly healing my relationship with myself more often than not, as if I were to truly recognize my own utilities and faults, then that would render me responsible for a solution far greater than my own problems. an issue that we all are ultimately a part of, our ability to face ourselves, face each other, and face the world around us, then we must decide on an individual and collective level, if this is truly the relationship we wish to have with all that is, the world itself.

Sending you Light through Love,


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