Swimming through Sand

You have to get in, in order to get out, just like you will have to get out, in order to get in.

Indeed, there is a trade off, a pro and a con, a positive and a negative, evident within each and every circumstance and experience, they make up for one another in the grand scheme of this perfectly imperfect environment that we happen to inhabit, yet it certainly can be frustrating having to weigh the opposites in order to come to a conclusion, a solution in fact, the answer to the question, “is it worth it?”.

And that is a grand question, and it is apparent within each and every situation we happen to find ourselves within.

Asking a moody roommate to do their dishes, knowing that it may well result in conflict, is it worth it?

Leaving your job behind, despite it’s stability, as you feel you will grow no longer within it, is it worth it?

Ordering a pizza, rather than making a more wholesome and nutritious meal for you and your loved ones, is it worth it?

We typically know the answer to each and every question, the positive and the negative, depending on our own emotional state, we are willing to either rise to the initiate or fall to the same resonance that we are all too familiar with.

Indeed, the ebb and flow of life seems to be of a cyclical nature, one that corresponds with the rise and the fall, for the stagnant line is one of inertia, immobility, death, if we are not actively participating within life itself, then we are not truly living.

The predominant theme of the individual within this life is that of the seeker.

For no matter what we are doing in life, in any field, in any task, in any pursuit, or any passion, we are seeking; either seeking completion, progress, fulfillment, release, we are certainly in pursuit of life itself and whatever we happen to be objectively attracted to at that moment in time.

We are seeking a challenge that will sustain us in the sense that we will feel relieved upon it’s completion, knowing that we have overcome the tribulation that sought to consume us, or we will feel relieved in our own destruction during our pursuit of completing the task set forth in our own journey, knowing at the very least that we did the best that we could to accomplish what we set forth to complete.

The simple matter of the fact is that Human Beings are built to be challenged, we thrive under pressure, and we seek to leave a legacy behind, because we know we are mortal, and we won’t wake up one day, so therefore we want to be remembered for that which we attributed to the collective of Humanity, typically in a positive manner.

So we want to leave a legacy behind, so we challenge ourselves by attempting to be the best version of ourselves possible, constantly pressuring ourselves to take another step forward each and every day, great, unfortunately we are human beings, meaning we are emotional, and certainly, there is only so much one can take before cracking, so to say.

Then in a sense, what we require is balance, the art of maintenance, in this case, self preservation, so that we are not overwhelmed by life itself to the point where we are no longer capable of participating in the ultimate game.

Maintaining equilibrium while embarking through the experience of life itself with fluidity, flowing with meaning and without resistance.

The first step then, is participation within the ceremony of life, that which is never ending and constantly expanding and contracting, we participate by accepting the responsibility of life and the challenges that await us in order to expedite our growth as human beings, so that we may learn and experience as much as possible within this finite lifetime while minimizing the suffering of ourselves and others as much as possible by living in a skillful and conscious manner.

Indeed, you have to get in, in order to get out, we are all being called to engage life, whether we are willing to accept that call and effectively enter the next stage in life, is entirely dependent on our own courage, as the opposite of courage is fear, and that is the bane of the human condition throughout time immemorial.

We fear at times surrendering our current disposition, so that we may invite change within our lives, after all, the unknown, the great mystery awaiting is, is not certain, it could be horrible, brutal and draining, or it could be wonderful, transformative and engaging beyond belief, it could be either or, or it could be what you believe it to be, in fact, that is what life is in the end, what we believe it to be.

Our beliefs after all define the reality we inhabit, if they are pessimistic and uncertain, then we better believe that our life will be tainted with pessimism and uncertainty, on the contrary, if we are optimistic and confident, then our life could very well be blessed with bounty and positive growth.

We don’t know, what we do not know, therefore, we must be willing to take the leap of faith into the unknown, which will be riddled with challenges and uncertainty, we must be willing to do so, so that we may truly determine what we are made of.

Honestly, there is nothing worse than living a life tinted through the lens of fear, that which prevents you from actualizing your potential and living your live to the fullest.

We are all diamonds in the rough, just as we are the excavators searching for the treasure, it just so happens that the diamonds are in fact underneath our feet, so rather than spreading ourselves thin all over the “dig site” (which happens to be life, the earth, other humans), we should simply begin digging where we happen to be standing (the inside, our soul, spirit, essence, call it what you will, is where in fact we should be searching for treasure, knowledge and purpose, rather than wandering around believing it to be found elsewhere).

Indeed, all the power that ever was and ever will be is here at this moment in time, it simply takes focus, perseverance and discipline in order to tap into our potential, so that we may bring forth our gifts to the world.

Indeed, being true to yourself is being true to the world, and that is a symbiotic relationship built on transparency, simply being yourself and offering who and what you are to this world, and we can only do so when we are willing to work through the inner maze that prevents us from securing the peace and confidence required to be authentic in this lifetime.

Take the leap, take the chance, release the old, allow yourself to step into the new, this is all that can be done if we wish to manifest change and allow transformation to enter our lives, so that we may see it in a new perspective.

Positives and negatives within the totality, lessons allow us to absorb new information and integrate into a more whole Human Being.

Sending you Light through Love,


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