Thorns and silk, tread

The calling to the path, that trail that we must traverse in order to truly complete the story that is each and every individual human being’s existence.

Certainly it differs for each of us, as collectively we bring about the completion of the totality of humanity’s existence.

With each and every generation pushing the previous limitations of our ancestors, we are attempting to conquer the threshold of possibility, an infinite and impossible task, which we pursue vigorously.

Certainly we are blessed with different strengths and weaknesses individually that set us apart from one another and allow us to step up to a certain challenge or step down and allow someone more suited to deal with the objective instead.

Our strengths, once understood and honed, become the skills that define us and allow human beings to live their life with purpose.

For without the farmer none would eat, without the carpenter none would be housed, without the musician none would dance, and without the politician we’d all likely have more resources to work with.

Indeed, without each human fulfilling their role within the web of life we would not be nearly as diverse of a species, certainly the beauty and chaos of humanity would fade substantially.

It seems however, that many of us, certainly myself included, otherwise I wouldn’t consistently write about the topic of following your “path” by living true to yourself, do not in fact allow life to flow as it is meant to.

How is life meant to “flow”? Well, in my belief is that each human being is designed with a purpose in mind, and their strengths and weaknesses align with that purpose, their personality and mannerisms align with that purpose.

Indeed I do believe that each human is essentially following their own manuscript, their own journey which they are constantly met with crossroads, choices, that they must choose from their heart if they wish to continue to live true to themselves.

We live in truth when we actually hone our skills and in turn utilize those skills to complete objectives that we believe to be integral to our evolution as souls having human experience.

I have yet to find a way to truly let go of my own fear and trauma that prevents me from presently being who I am, indeed at times it seems as though I am but the witness to the world unfolding around me.

That is a tragedy, and a comedy, it’s a tragedy because deep down each and every human knows their worth, their capabilities and what they truly want in life, it’s a comedy because these thoughts are not applied into actions that would set course for the manifestation of the intention.

It appears that we must go through this world alone, face the trials and tribulations on our own, grow on our own, but in reality, we are very much so not alone.

In fact, we are surrounded by one another, and despite the fact that it is terrifying that other humans are around us all the time (if you think about it, so are they, but in a million different ways) it is also liberating to know that only within isolation caused by monasticism or bio engineered viruses (then again, we have communication technology, and can gather physically at this point) do we have to face the dear old nemesis of ours, loneliness.

We have a path to tread in order to fulfill our purpose and actualize our innate potential, we alone can harness our focus and discover the courage to walk this lonely road that will lead to another road, as the journey never ends.

Acceptance, forgiveness, clarity, understanding, these are traits that will allow us to move forward, otherwise, we will move backwards if we allow ourselves to fall into apathy and self loathing.

Humans have problems, they all do, some more than others, some very serious while others are taken too seriously, the thing is, humans are capable of developing solutions, so that we can solve our problems, learn from them, and grow into a more complete human being.

That is it, developing the plan, discovering your purpose first, and then devising a plan in regards to how it will be fulfilled.

Expect the plan to be changing in accordance with the constant alteration of the universe around us, and know that you will know when the time is right.

Be brave enough to follow through with you, if you don’t then no one will, I’ll do my best to do the same.

I’ve been on a binge, I relapsed about a month ago and haven’t been able to bring myself to write, tonight I felt clarity for the first time in a bit and decided I needed to express my thoughts openly to the internet.

Hopefully these thoughts helped put your thoughts in my order, as they assisted me in doing so.

Peace and love to you my brothers and sisters, embrace it and appreciate it.

Sending you Light through Love,


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