Color the world as you will

The world can be seen as magic, a colorful mystery that we are entering in order to experience and appreciate, on the contrary it can be seen as a brick road, a black and white path that we must follow until we have come to our destination, whatever that happens to be.

We can either be searching for the meaning of life, or be at peace with life. We can be separate within the world or we can be one with the world, part of the natural order, or unnaturally present.

Depending on the day, depending on the year, we can be immersed in magic, or we can be immersed in misery, as fluctuating beings of emotion (energy in motion), we can certainly experience pain and pleasure of the utmost intensity in a single day, as change is the only constant within this reality, and we are the harbingers of change as Human Beings.

Indeed, we alone are capable of conjuring and manifesting the reality before us, we can either acknowledge and move forward, or ignore and follow the same detour that leads us in a cyclical loop, where we once more ultimately reside at the crossroads of our life; will we grow and evolve, or merely stay the same as we always have been?

Interestingly enough, one will always be the same if they fear change and diversification, for only through the destruction of our beliefs and dreams are we once more able to create, that is to say, we are limited until we are opened up to alternatives, when we absorb alternate possibilities into our world, we are more whole, and through integrating the old programming with new programming, we are able to update our perspective to a more thorough totality.

Certainly, magic is change, change is openness, openness is an invitation, and invitations lead to possibilities, possibilities lead to questions, and questions lead to answers, and when we have an answers, we can apply the correction to the formula, and if the formula happens to be our life, then in fact we are completing the present upload, indeed, we are in sync with the present of ourselves, and therefore growing into whom we are, possibly.

Only when we resist the flow of energy are we faced with an incompatibility, where it seems we are no longer capable of progression, for we are filled with uncertainty which leads to stagnation, unable to rise and meet the present tribulation that is solely arising for the sake of your own evolution.

This is an all too familiar situation, the self induced oppression that derails the conscious intention that will propel us towards self actualization.

The antidote for this disease that quells the ability to promote stillness and stability is none of than love, the driving force behind all universal activity, certainly it starts with the ability to embrace self love actively.

For if we are incapable of delivering love, the appreciation, acknowledgement, the ever encapsulating light, as a force that we can hold alone, then how will we be able to propel towards those who deserve to have our essence within their sight?

There is that and possibly that is the differentiating quality that separates us within the thin veil of duality, it is love.

Love ignites our world and invokes the meaning of life within a human being, it activates the full spectrum of emotional depth within us, the positive and the negative, therefore enabling the Human to experience a far greater meaning to their reality that otherwise they would not be capable of expressing.

Certainly, Love is what makes life worth suffering for, and without the glue of love to connect us to the universe that we are all inherently apart of (and co creating through embracing our emotions and relaying them through actions), then we are lost, separate, broken rather than together.

Someone was told me that life is a constant ceremony that we must consciously take part in if we truly wish to manifest magic, if we truly wish to connect, if we truly wish to love.

We must accept the positive and the negative aspects of the journey and see it all as part of the process aimed at evolving and growing our essence, and guiding us back home.

We must not shy away from the pain and sorrow due to fear, we must build the courage required to face our shadows and shine the light on love on our darkness, so that it may be acknowledged as part of the equation that makes us whom we truly are.

Ultimately, we must be brave enough to live in truth, authentically and without question at peace with whom we are and what we represent, as each human being is merely a representation of an aspect of nature, indeed we are infinite and widely varied in our design, but compatible with the entirety as long as we are willing to be that which we are.

That is certainly the greatest struggle, knowing who we are, yet still possessing just enough fear to guide us away from following our intuition, from following our heart, that tears us apart and renders us incompatible with the life we are leading.

Faith, perseverance and integrity can guide us to a position of strength where we are capable of facing the shadows within that attempt to dissuade us from living our life, fulfilling our role in the ongoing story of humanity.

I pray that I am strong enough to accomplish what I set forth in this realm to do, I pray that I live in colorful beauty, rather than black and white dismay, and I pray that you have the same intentions upon this day.

Sending you Light through Love,


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