Unfolding Circuits

The purpose of it all seems fleeting at times, the entire human experience pushing further and further, if only to participate within and bear witness to the grand story of our collective consciousness unfolding into a myriad of plots that align ultimately to form the narrative of delving deeper into the unknown, the mystery of life itself that is.

Characters within a story, performing a specific script in unconscious repetition until they at last awaken to the reality of their own humanity, and become conscious of the fact that they are directly interwoven into the beauty and chaos of the greater reality known as the universe, a single coherent being acting out it’s natural tendencies of expansion and contraction, life and death, beginning and end, rather than a separate cell lost within the belly of the beast.

As the grand story unfolds and new sub plots form constantly, we find our own micro narrative within the grand story fluctuating as well, as we are emotionally charged beings that react to the collective story, sometimes more than our own, especially in this ever shifting world of rapidly advancing technology.

Indeed, this can cause us to either rise to the occasion, as it is exceptionally difficult to meet the demands of everyday life (at the least in the developed worlds, where stress seems to be the biggest concern, where as in less developed locations, basic needs are far more pressing such as food and water rather than mental plagues) or, in a circumstance that I am all too familiar with, it can cause us to burn out, and take time to recover before we can get back on our feet and engage in our own story furthermore.

Personally, from my experience, the closing of a chapter ignites the opening of a new story, a new opportunity, another step upon the bridge of life that we are all crossing together, however, when we do not accept the ending, then we end up stuck within a state of inertia, incapable of moving forward because we have not allowed the past to be put to rest, and nothing comes without sacrifice, in order to gain, something must be lost.

The following chapter in life unfolds when we surrender to our own life and live in tune our own natural self, that which flows freely without constraint within our essence.

To put it bluntly, when we stop resisting ourselves and our path, that we alone know we must follow, we become once more in tune with the grand story, the universe, and our place within it.

This is difficult, for when we are bombarded with external circumstances, we forget that only through dealing with our own inner state first, can we truly handle the oncoming challenges for us, indeed it seems, we are only challenged in this life when we are truly prepared, whether we are conscious of our strength or not, to deal with the conditions involved with the challenges.

Certainly, it may seem as though we have lost ourselves in the story, unable to discover the track where we wandered off into the abyss initially, however, this is simply a challenge unto itself, for once you are lost, you can only be found, and certainly you will discover much in this detour, that you may then apply directly to the continuing of your own journey, your story that is constantly unfolding, if you are open and receptive to the turning of the times.

Certainly as the times change, we ourselves must do so in turn without hesitation or second thought, for during the transmutation, one evolves into a deeper and more complete individual.

The thing is, within this story that we all call life, we must sink deeper and deeper into ourselves, becoming more attuned with the natural way of life that we belong too, this is simply to say that when we are present and grounded within our lives, then there is no separation from who we are and what we do, we simply do as we will because that’s what we are and what we happen to represent as an expression of the universal mind that encompasses all of life.

Indeed, when we attempt to float away from our own unique essence, we diminish the beauty and authenticity of ourselves that cannot be replicated.

The chaos clears without, or at the very least it can be perceived and understood with clarity, when the chaos clears within.

Acknowledging my place within humanity and the natural world has always been an incredible conflict for myself, because as a collective, especially within the western hemisphere, we treat nature as separate and solely a resource to be plundered and utilized, where as in reality, without nature we ourselves possess nothing.

We only came to be that which we are due to the symbiotic relationship we have held with nature throughout time, and surely if we do not begin to respect nature and in turn, truly respect ourselves so that we may have the courage to move forward and once more immerse ourselves in the grand script of life itself, then surely the universal amnesia and inertia that has gripped us for so long will continue to keep hold on us.

As always, it starts within. I haven’t been able to write recently because of the chaos that I naturally project into the universe, and in turn my life, which had rendered me with block.

It starts within.

I alone can track my story back to where the chaos emerged, heal the wound, forgive the past and once more enter the story that is my life so than I can do what I am here to do, simply be of service to humanity, in which way, I have yet to discover.

Yet that is alright, for the story, the journey that is, is naturally a mystery, and that is what keeps it exciting, for we know not where we shall emerge, nor where we shall go, but we know how to get there, by living in truth in the present moment and not taking the beauty of this incredible experience, at the very least, that is my own belief. It’s been an honor to share with you.

As always my friends I hope you are well in this world. If you enjoy my writing, follow to stay updated, I post when I can.

Sending you Light through Love,


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