Mortal Metamorphosis

The mortal human, woven within the universe, the one song, a single script and symphony played out infinitely.

We follow through the universe through our own individual experience, as mortals we seek to actualize our potential so that we may attain fulfillment, that is the completion of one’s own destiny, and the destiny of a single individual resonates throughout the universe as a single key, in harmony with the fluidity of the symphony itself.

The fact that we are interwoven through the universe itself which is of original, or, natural design, means that we ourselves are merely acting within the story of life itself.

That is to say we are not separate from it, in fact we are engrained within it, therefore our actions on a micro scale resonate throughout the macro scale, the collective, the universe itself alive in it’s endless possibility.

Considering we are mortal and infused with the consciousness to witness this individual experience and the intelligence to investigate and in turn, alter it through the concept of free will, means that we are aware of our finite expression and seek to cement ourselves as an imprint within the annals of time, immortalizing ourselves through what we accomplished with the life we possess.

This is the beginning of the quest, the call to pursue one’s life to completion through whatever means beckons oneself to begin this journey to begin with.

For this is the journey of self actualization, the path of self realization, and the path to self immolation.

Indeed this is the beginning, middle and end of the micro scale accompanying the major to the completion of a section within the song itself, the song of life that we all weave and traverse through.

Certainly, the beginning of awareness invokes the realization of one’s own placement within an intricate, dynamic, interwoven web called life, as well as the acknowledgement of one’s own mortality, as is the case of all natural life.

This expounds oneself to action, as it is upon the realization of one’s interconnectedness to all life that it must in turn be of service, to fulfill a purpose, within the realm that it is inherently apart of.

We then must undergo tribulation and transformation in order to realize what it is that we are pulled towards, this is in relation to what we are driven to pursue in order to see ourselves as actualized and fulfilled individuals.

Considering we are deeply unresolved and unsatisfied with the physical nature of reality that we will never fully be able to grasp nor comprehend, upon the actualization of one’s purpose within the world, it is very possible that we will realize that despite the fact that we have fulfilled what we naturally feel compelled to pursue, our purpose that is, we will acknowledge that we frankly don’t even know what we are.

As it is the ego, the mental complex that we develop from a young age into our beliefs, morals, ideals, passions, vices etc. that seeks validation inherently, as it knows it is finite and a mere construction, when it begins to break down, one may no longer flow with the universe, in fact, they more so attempt to be it, to witness it, to understand the purpose of the song all together.

Self realization can be compared to seeing one’s place within the song was perfect initially, and it need not attempt to portray what it was, as it already was what it was initially.

That is to say, in the pursuit of self actualization, which is the journey of an individual’s ego to attain fulfillment through the pursuit of purpose, will never end if it does not accept what it is an goes inwards rather than outwards to realize what it seeks was within all along.

Self realization invokes one to realize and be harmonious with oneself, rather than pursue it’s design of continuing down the never ending path of attainment.

In essence, the final phase is that of self immolation, in which one naturally disintegrates into the song itself, becoming life itself, the exchange of the end to a new beginning.

Self immolation entails the acceptance of one’s life, surroundings and ultimate demise, as the flower blossoms so do it’s pedals wither away.

The mortal human discovering it’s very possibility pursues it’s purpose until it completes it’s journey, as we all do, then, it discovers the journey was within all along, as it is merely a microscopic piece to an infinite puzzle, coming to peace with which we are, not separate, from the great divide, it ventures forth into union with itself, the process of destruction beckons creation, just as the phoenix rises from the flame.

Sending you Light through Love,


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