There is a sweet whisper, faintly persistent within my psyche, it speaks lightly and of the pleasures that fulfill me.

Drawing me in, sweet hedonism, an endless void that seeks to be fulfilled through the pursuit of sin.

For there is a clear line between acceptance and this pretensious syndrome that plagues the human condition seamlessly through repetition.

No, it will never be ignored nor forgotten, for it is deeply interwoven through our collective unconcious.

And as beings that must decide how perceive this reality, the darkness itself that attempts to poison you and me momentarily must be faced immediately.

For in the aftermath of a battle, the only immediacy is tending to the dead.

Those who were lost in the chaos when two forces were incapable of symbiosis.

This constant indeed, the conflict within, must always be sought out so that it does not project onto those whom are percieved as a conduit, vacant for the taking.

It is very possible that this is why within our realm, there is addiction and affliction, only realized when it’s too late, when indeed the demons are not to be analyzed but resting patiently outside with pitchforks at your gate.

And so let the rioting begin, because we cannot face our own sins, therefore we must find an appropriate candidate to reprieve us of this current mental condition.

A never ending cycle, for the world can never truly begin, until we are taught individually to be responsible for our words and actions.

Yet that is a distant point dream so it seems considering this entire system that we are within, is based on a hierarchy that is ruled by the pursuit of personal power and achievement, forgoing the symbiosis of harmony within one’s inner and outer environment.

Know not, no I do not, when the natural selection process will begin.

This will appropriate a situation in which survival of fittest fittest is one more the motto of the animal kingdom.

For if we are incapable of conceiving of the idea that we possess intelligence as well as the power to bring about balance to a world that has forgotten its place within the mystical abyss, then soon we will forget why we even began this process.

So it seems there must be a treaty within each and every living being within themselves rather than to be committed through unity, for your intentions are your own and my own can only be upon me.

Therefore before we can confront the issues of the collective we must first deviate from our own polarized identity and integrate to a place of peaceful transparency.

Yet that is a difficult proposal it seems, most certainly to me.

For I am beginning to understand that I am but a figment of the imaginary, merely spewing the convictions throughout eternity, as I represent this piece indefinitely, it is simply a mystery.

Evoking transitions that seem to be self explanatory, for we are merely momentary allegories.

Sending you Light through Love,


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